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29-09-22 (23:13)   Kyle MacLachlan says he doesn't "pretend to understand" David Lynch's films (NME.COM)
27-09-22 (20:47)   The Twin Peaks Crew Put A Lot Of Work Into Laura Palmer's Corpse (SlashFilm)
27-09-22 (04:42)   10 David Lynch Trademarks In Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (Screen Rant)
26-09-22 (21:42)   Kyle MacLachlan Reflects On Working With David Lynch On Dune (Screen Rant)
26-09-22 (20:56)   Kyle MacLachlan Interview: Confess, Fletch (Screen Rant)
25-09-22 (21:04)   Lynch/Oz Review: Tracing The Populist Surrealism Of David Lynch And Movie Americana [Fantastic Fest] (SlashFilm)
23-09-22 (02:29)   'Abbott Elementary' Star Sheryl Lee Ralph Remembers Sidney Poitier at 'Sidney' Premiere: 'He Did Not Let Me Down' (TheWrap.com)
20-09-22 (18:31)   How Beyoncé Honored "Original Dreamgirl" Sheryl Lee Ralph's Emmys Win (E! Online)
20-09-22 (15:56)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Gives Jennifer Hudson a Masterclass Lesson in 'Dreamgirls' Choreography (RollingStone.com)
17-09-22 (03:04)   Steven Spielberg Recruited David Lynch To Terrify The Fabelmans Star Gabriel LaBelle (SlashFilm)
16-09-22 (21:41)   Sheryl Lee Ralph on the 'Abbott Elementary' Character She Originally Wanted to Play, and the Director's Note That Led Her to an Emmy (Variety)
16-09-22 (16:24)   Colin Farrell Recalls Friendship With Elizabeth Taylor, Says She Loved 'CSI' and Mark Harmon (Variety)
15-09-22 (17:10)   Quinta Brunson on Winning Emmys With Sheryl Lee Ralph, Why 'Abbott Elementary' Wasn't Ready to Be Named Best Comedy Yet and Changing the Stakes in Season 2 (Variety)
15-09-22 (01:29)   Sheryl Lee Ralph confronted Jimmy Kimmel after his Quinta Brunson Emmys bit (New York Post)
15-09-22 (00:13)   Sheryl Lee Ralph on Jimmy Kimmel's Emmys Bit: 'The Disrespect' (Vulture)
14-09-22 (23:16)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Says Jimmy Kimmel Showed Quinta Brunson "Disrespect" at 2022 Emmys (E! Online)
14-09-22 (21:49)   Abbott Elementary's Sheryl Lee Ralph Dings Jimmy Kimmel for Controversial Emmys Stunt: 'Oh, the Disrespect...' (TVLine)
14-09-22 (21:41)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Addresses Jimmy Kimmel Crashing Quinta Brunson's Emmys Speech: 'Ooh, the Disrespect!' (Variety)
14-09-22 (21:17)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Thought Jimmy Kimmel's Skit At Emmys Was Disrespectful To Quinta Brunson (Deadline.com)
13-09-22 (22:41)   Inside the Emmys Ceremony: Lizzo's Magnetism, Sheryl Lee Ralph's Kids, the Slap Warning and Other Moments You Didn't See on TV (Variety)
13-09-22 (21:13)   Sheryl Lee Ralph shares the important advice Robert De Niro gave her 30 years ago (Mashable)
13-09-22 (18:55)   Emmys 2022: Variety's TV Critics Break Down the Best Speeches, Rushed Jokes and Deserved Winners (Variety)
13-09-22 (18:24)   'Abbott Elementary' Was Most-Tweeted Show During 2022 Emmys, Sheryl Lee Ralph Was No. 1 Cited Nominee on Twitter (Variety)
13-09-22 (16:22)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Initially Wanted To Play A Different Role On Abbott Elementary (Looper)
13-09-22 (15:45)   Sheryl Lee Ralph's Kids Deserve an Emmy for Their Reaction to Her Big Win (E! Online)
13-09-22 (06:43)   Sheryl Lee Ralph sings her 'dream' Emmys speech for 'Abbott Elementary' (New York Post)
13-09-22 (06:10)   How the 2022 Emmys Almost (Almost!) Gave Acceptance Speeches Their Proper Due (Variety)
13-09-22 (05:33)   Sheryl Lee Ralph's Powerful Speech Was Aided By The Emmy's New Thank-You System (SlashFilm)
13-09-22 (05:33)   First Time Emmy Winner Sheryl Lee Ralph Has A Legendary Broadway Background (SlashFilm)
13-09-22 (05:05)   The Inspiring Way Sheryl Lee Ralph Used This New Emmys Procedure (Looper)
13-09-22 (04:59)   Watch Sheryl Lee Ralph's stunning Emmys acceptance speech (and song) (Mashable)
13-09-22 (04:16)   See Jackée Harry's Moving Tribute to Sheryl Lee Ralph's Historic 2022 Emmys Win (E! Online)
13-09-22 (04:13)   Abbott Elementary's Sheryl Lee Ralph Belts Out Her Emmys Acceptance Speech (Vulture)
13-09-22 (03:46)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Sings Her Speech After Winning Supporting Actress Comedy Emmy For 'Abbott Elementary' - Watch (Deadline.com)
13-09-22 (03:31)   Abbott Elementary's Sheryl Lee Ralph's Emmys 2022 Acceptance Speech Is a Must-See (E! Online)
13-09-22 (03:25)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Holds Back Tears, Belts Out Celebratory Tune While Accepting Emmys Win: 'This Is What Believing Looks Like' (RollingStone.com)
13-09-22 (03:24)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Wins Supporting Comedy Actress Emmy for 'Abbott Elementary': 'This Is What Believing Looks Like' (Variety)
13-09-22 (03:14)   Watch Sheryl Lee Ralph Belt Out Dianne Reeves Song to Accept Emmy for 'Abbott Elementary' (Video) (TheWrap.com)
13-09-22 (03:03)   Emmys 2022: Sheryl Lee Ralph Wins Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for Abbott Elementary (TVLine)
13-09-22 (03:00)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Becomes First Black Woman to Win Supporting Actress in Comedy Series in 35 Years (TheWrap.com)
12-09-22 (21:24)   'Abbott Elementary' Star Sheryl Lee Ralph Brings Crowd to Its Feet Singing at Creative Coalition's TV Humanitarian Awards (Variety)
12-09-22 (18:33)   You Can Thank David Lynch's Elephant Man For John Hurt's Hilarious Spaceballs Cameo (SlashFilm)
10-09-22 (16:11)   David Lynch's Forgotten Comic Strip Is a Nightmare Version of Garfield (Screen Rant)
09-09-22 (16:44)   The Queen once watched 'Twin Peaks' instead of Paul McCartney live for her birthday (NME.COM)
08-09-22 (14:44)   Kyle MacLachlan and Anthony Hopkins Have Dueling David Lynch Impressions (Vulture)
08-09-22 (03:51)   Kyle MacLachlan Faced A Major Career Setback After The Failure Of David Lynch's Dune (Looper)
05-09-22 (15:25)   Seinfeld Set To Twin Peaks' Music Feels Like Entirely Different Show (Screen Rant)
30-08-22 (01:45)   Why Sheryl Lee Ralph Hopes Abbott Elementary Is "Just Like Grey's Anatomy" (E! Online)
28-08-22 (22:18)   With Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, David Lynch Dismantled The American Dream Through The Eyes Of Laura Palmer (SlashFilm)
28-08-22 (17:33)   Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Was A Feminist Masterpiece Ahead Of Its Time (SlashFilm)
28-08-22 (17:33)   David Lynch Has Always Loved Fire Walk With Me, Even When Nobody Else Did (SlashFilm)
28-08-22 (17:10)   Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me finally has the reputation it deserved (Polygon)
26-08-22 (18:05)   Here's Why Twin Peaks Fans Think You Should Skip These Season 2 Episodes (Looper)
24-08-22 (00:11)   Twin Peaks Almost Returned with a Totally Different Story (Screen Rant)
20-08-22 (04:18)   How Eraserhead Led David Lynch To The Elephant Man's Script (SlashFilm)
19-08-22 (21:24)   Emmy Predictions: Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series - Sheryl Lee Ralph Poised to Become the Second Black Winner Since 1987 (Variety)
19-08-22 (19:00)   'Yellowjackets' Creators Credit 'Twin Peaks' and 'Stranger Things' for Putting Genre Series on the Emmys Map (TheWrap.com)
17-08-22 (16:11)   10 Best Games Inspired By David Lynch (Screen Rant)
12-08-22 (20:10)   Colman Domingo, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Samantha Hanratty Among 2022 Television Humanitarian Awards Honorees (Variety)
10-08-22 (20:43)   The Emmys Are Hot For 'Abbott Elementary' Teachers Janelle James, Sheryl Lee Ralph and Tyler James Williams (TheWrap.com)
05-08-22 (21:24)   How 'Succession,' 'Hacks,' and More Made Room for Veteran Supporting Actresses to Land Their First Emmy Noms (Variety)
26-07-22 (12:44)   Actor David Warner, 'Twin Peaks', 'The Omen', dies aged 80 (NME.COM)
21-07-22 (06:14)   'Abbott Elementary' star Sheryl Lee Ralph schools Jalen Rose (New York Post)
11-07-22 (18:04)   David Lynch Just Can't Separate Music From His Movies (SlashFilm)
11-07-22 (14:13)   'Twin Peaks' orchid keeper Lenny Von Dohlen dies aged 63 (NME.COM)
09-07-22 (09:49)   'Twin Peaks' Actor Lenny Von Dohlen Passed Away at 63 (AceShowbiz.com)
08-07-22 (23:44)   Twin Peaks Actor Lenny Von Dohlen Dead at 63 (Vulture)
08-07-22 (19:57)   Lenny Von Dohlen Dies; Twin Peaks Star Was 63 (TV Fanatic)
08-07-22 (19:22)   The Heartbreaking Death Of Twin Peaks Star Lenny Von Dohlen (Looper)
08-07-22 (19:03)   Lenny Von Dohlen Dies: 'Twin Peaks' & 'Electric Dreams' Actor Was 63 (Deadline.com)
08-07-22 (18:14)   Lenny Von Dohlen, Keeper of Laura Palmer's Secret Diary on 'Twin Peaks,' Dies at 63 (TheWrap.com)
08-07-22 (17:55)   Lenny Von Dohlen, 'Twin Peaks' Actor, Dies at 63 (Variety)
06-07-22 (21:43)   'Pussy Island' Adds Christian Slater, Alia Shawkat, Kyle MacLachlan and More (TheWrap.com)
06-07-22 (19:32)   Christian Slater, Alia Shawkat, Geena Davis, Haley Joel Osment & Kyle MacLachlan Among Final Additions To Zoë Kravitz's Directorial Debut 'Pussy Island' For MGM (Deadline.com)
01-07-22 (12:40)   The Neighbours Finale Trailer Feels Like a Lost Twin Peaks Episode (Den of Geek)
29-06-22 (22:18)   The Biggest Influence On David Lynch Didn't Come From A Filmmaker (SlashFilm)
29-06-22 (13:49)   The Fallout TV show has cast David Lynch's muse Kyle MacLachlan as a regular (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
29-06-22 (02:18)   Why You Can Never Tell Exactly What Era A David Lynch Film Takes Place In (SlashFilm)
29-06-22 (00:09)   Amazon's Fallout Show Gets a Slice of Twin Peaks (Gizmodo)
28-06-22 (23:14)   Fallout TV Series Adds Kyle MacLachlan and More to the Cast (IGN.com)
28-06-22 (22:41)   Amazon's Fallout TV show just got more interesting, because Kyle MacLachlan's in it (Polygon)
28-06-22 (21:24)   Kyle MacLachlan, Xelia Mendes-Jones, And Aaron Moten Join Amazon's Fallout Series - Report (GameSpot)
28-06-22 (21:03)   TVLine Items: Baz's Australia Series, Making the Cut Return Date and More (TVLine)
28-06-22 (20:10)   'Fallout' Amazon Series Casts Kyle MacLachlan, Xelia Mendes-Jones, Aaron Moten (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
25-06-22 (15:33)   Nine Inch Nails Repurposed A Rejected Song From Twin Peaks: The Return - Listen To It Now (SlashFilm)
23-06-22 (00:41)   Charlize Theron, Sheryl Lee Ralph to Be Honored at Elizabeth Taylor Ball to End AIDS (Variety)
18-06-22 (15:47)   Don't Ask David Lynch What His Films Are About (SlashFilm)
17-06-22 (22:33)   How The Creators Of Twin Peaks Tricked Their Way Onto TV (SlashFilm)
14-06-22 (18:29)   15 Next Fest Demos That Will Have You Begging For More (Kotaku)
11-06-22 (13:44)   David Lynch pays tribute to Julee Cruise: "A great musician, great singer and a great human being" (NME.COM)
10-06-22 (21:11)   Celebrate Julee Cruise with David Lynch's Concert Film Industrial Symphony No. 1 (The Film Stage)
10-06-22 (19:11)   David Lynch Remembers Julee Cruise: 'Great Singer and a Great Human Being' (RollingStone.com)
10-06-22 (16:44)   Julee Cruise, Voice of Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet, Dead at 65 (Vulture)
10-06-22 (16:03)   Julee Cruise Dies: Haunting 'Twin Peaks', 'Blue Velvet' Singer Was 65 (Deadline.com)
10-06-22 (15:29)   Julee Cruise, 'Twin Peaks' Theme Singer and David Lynch Regular, Dies at 65 (TheWrap.com)
10-06-22 (15:00)   'Twin Peaks' singer Julee Cruise dead at 65 following health battle (New York Post)
10-06-22 (13:41)   Julee Cruise, Singer Who Worked With David Lynch on 'Twin Peaks' and 'Blue Velvet,' Dies at 65 (Variety)
10-06-22 (12:20)   Twin Peaks Icon Julee Cruise Dead at 65 (TVLine)
10-06-22 (11:44)   Julee Cruise, singer and David Lynch collaborator, has died aged 65 (NME.COM)
10-06-22 (11:25)   Julee Cruise, Singer and Frequent David Lynch Collaborator, Dead at 65 (RollingStone.com)
07-06-22 (22:18)   Denis Villeneuve Avoided One Of David Lynch's Biggest Dune Mistakes (SlashFilm)
06-06-22 (17:42)   Trailer for David Lynch's 4K Restoration of Lost Highway is Here to Haunt Your Nightmares (The Film Stage)
03-06-22 (18:24)   How David Lynch Inspired 'Russian Doll' Set Design (Variety)
02-06-22 (21:03)   Ryan Phillippe, Mireille Enos, Kyle MacLachlan & Taryn Manning Join Michelle Danner's Courtroom Drama 'Miranda's Victim' (Deadline.com)
21-05-22 (14:09)   Twin Peaks: The Return Is More Relevant Than Ever (Den of Geek)
20-05-22 (22:41)   Prime Video's Outer Range Will Fill That Twin Peaks And Dark-Shaped Hole In Your Life (GameSpot)
16-05-22 (15:11)   Fire Walk with Me Turns 30: David Lynch's Uncompromising Character Study is the Beating Heart of Twin Peaks (The Film Stage)
12-05-22 (18:33)   The 16 Most Memorable David Lynch Characters Ever (SlashFilm)
09-05-22 (00:20)   'Twin Peaks' Star Kenneth Welsh Died 'Peacefully' at 80 (AceShowbiz.com)
07-05-22 (20:46)   Kenneth Welsh Dies: Veteran Actor Played 'Windom Earle' Character In 'Twin Peaks' Was 80 (Deadline.com)
07-05-22 (20:14)   Kenneth Welsh, 'The Aviator' and 'Twin Peaks' Star, Dies at 80 (TheWrap.com)
07-05-22 (19:41)   Kenneth Welsh, Canadian Actor in 'Twin Peaks' and 'The Day After Tomorrow,' Dies at 80 (Variety)
29-04-22 (19:47)   Dexter Fletcher Talks Auditioning For David Lynch's Dune [Exclusive] (SlashFilm)
26-04-22 (23:47)   Patrick Stewart Had No Idea Who Sting Was While Working On David Lynch's Dune (SlashFilm)
20-04-22 (13:10)   Dogwoof Boards David Lynch, 'The Wizard of Oz' Tribeca Doc 'Lynch/Oz' (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
19-04-22 (22:04)   Matt Reeves Wanted The Batman's Batmobile To Be Like 'Something Out Of A David Lynch Movie' (SlashFilm)
19-04-22 (17:33)   Twin Peaks' Red Room Was Created To Serve A Surprisingly Practical Purpose (SlashFilm)
16-04-22 (02:33)   David Lynch Now Wants A Director's Cut Of Dune, But Doubts One Will Actually Happen (SlashFilm)
16-04-22 (00:24)   Barbra Streisand, Tom Ford, Wong Kar Wai and More Directors Who Should Make Another Movie (Variety)
15-04-22 (19:44)   David Lynch launches $500million Transcendental Meditation program (NME.COM)
15-04-22 (18:47)   David Lynch Launches $500 Million Mental Health And Meditation Initiative For College Students (SlashFilm)
15-04-22 (16:04)   An Unlikely Run-In Led To Michael Cera's Twin Peaks Role (SlashFilm)
15-04-22 (15:18)   Nicolas Cage Couldn't Land A David Lynch Cameo For The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent (SlashFilm)
14-04-22 (16:44)   Cannes 2022 Is Auteur Central (Even Without David Lynch) (Vulture)
13-04-22 (19:10)   Amazon's Outer Range brings Twin Peaks to Yellowstone (Polygon)
13-04-22 (09:46)   David Lynch Says He Doesn't Have A New Movie For Cannes Film Festival (Deadline.com)
13-04-22 (02:31)   Abbott Elementary's Sheryl Lee Ralph Always Knew The Show Was Going to Be a Hit (E! Online)
12-04-22 (23:44)   We Have Not Transcendentally Meditated a New David Lynch Film Into Existence (Vulture)
12-04-22 (22:56)   Strange What Love Does: David Lynch on Remastering INLAND EMPIRE (The Film Stage)
12-04-22 (02:11)   A New David Lynch Film Tipped For Cannes Premiere (The Film Stage)
12-04-22 (01:12)   Director David Lynch will debut a mystery movie at Cannes (Digital Trends)
11-04-22 (21:18)   A New David Lynch Movie Might Be Headed To Cannes (SlashFilm)
11-04-22 (19:24)   Cannes Film Festival Predictions Include 'Lightyear,' New Films By David Lynch, David Cronenberg (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
10-04-22 (21:03)   Gustavo Dudamel Doc 'Viva Maestro' Draws Fans Of LA Phil Conductor, David Lynch Buffs Flock to Remastered 'Inland Empire' - Specialty Box Office (Deadline.com)
07-04-22 (00:45)   Abbott Elementary's Sheryl Lee Ralph Recalls Being Told She Wasn't "Black Enough" (E! Online)
01-04-22 (22:47)   The Origin Of Twin Peaks' BOB Is Very David Lynch (SlashFilm)
31-03-22 (23:18)   Why Anthony Hopkins Tried To Get David Lynch Fired From Elephant Man (SlashFilm)
31-03-22 (23:04)   Why David Bowie Didn't Want His Voice Used In Twin Peaks: The Return (SlashFilm)
31-03-22 (19:47)   Why David Lynch Still Can't Stand Twin Peaks Season 2 (SlashFilm)
28-03-22 (21:18)   How A Failed Twin Peaks Spinoff Became Mulholland Drive (SlashFilm)
23-03-22 (16:42)   INLAND EMPIRE Trailer Resurrects David Lynch's Greatest Nightmare (The Film Stage)
10-03-22 (21:40)   Report: Dune: Part Two Might Be Close to Finding Its Feyd-Rautha (Gizmodo)
08-03-22 (22:23)   Florence Pugh May Be Joining Dune: Part Two (Gizmodo)
08-03-22 (06:20)   How I Met Your Father EPs Spill on Return of HIMYM Duo in Episode 9 (TVLine)
04-03-22 (22:33)   The Batman's Big Cameo Can Be Traced Right Back To David Lynch (SlashFilm)
01-03-22 (01:33)   This David Lynch Film Had A Major Influence On The Shining (SlashFilm)
26-02-22 (18:28)   Director David Lynch Blasts Putin: 'All This Death and Destruction will Come Back to Visit You' (Breitbart.com)
26-02-22 (12:58)   David Lynch on Ukrainian crisis: "Right now, Mr. Putin, you are sowing death and destruction" (NME.COM)
25-02-22 (22:42)   David Lynch Offers a Grim Forecast for Putin in Daily 'Weather Report': 'What You Sow You Shall Reap' (RollingStone.com)
25-02-22 (19:10)   David Lynch Condemns Putin: 'All This Death and Destruction Will Come Back to Visit You' (Variety)
23-02-22 (20:33)   David Lynch's Blue Velvet Is Streaming On Hulu For Only One Month (SlashFilm)
19-02-22 (20:09)   Aquaman: Andromeda Puts DC's King in Deep Sea Sci-Fi Horror (Gizmodo)
07-02-22 (12:13)   David Lynch cast by Steven Spielberg in secret role (NME.COM)
05-02-22 (02:13)   David Lynch Joins the Cast of Steven Spielberg's The Fabelmans (Vulture)
04-02-22 (22:47)   Is David Lynch Playing Famed Western Director John Ford In Steven Spielberg's The Fabelmans? (SlashFilm)
04-02-22 (22:12)   Steven Spielberg casts David Lynch in The Fabelmans (Digital Trends)
04-02-22 (21:17)   'The Fabelmans': Filmmaker David Lynch Joins Cast Of Steven Spielberg Film (Deadline.com)
04-02-22 (21:04)   Steven Spielberg's The Fabelmans Adds David Lynch To Its Stacked Cast (SlashFilm)
04-02-22 (20:43)   'The Fabelmans': David Lynch Joins Cast of Steven Spielberg's Film Based on His Childhood (TheWrap.com)
04-02-22 (20:25)   David Lynch Will Appear in Steven Spielberg's The Fabelmans (The Film Stage)
04-02-22 (20:10)   David Lynch Joins Cast of Steven Spielberg's 'The Fabelmans' (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
28-01-22 (18:03)   Thrillers 'Marooned Awakening', 'American Trash' And 'Deadly Games' Set Casts; Gravitas Acquires 'The Other Me' From EP David Lynch And Horror Pic 'Tethered'; More - Film Briefs (Deadline.com)
17-01-22 (16:20)   Jeff Goldblum and Kyle MacLachlan Make Surprise Appearances on Prada Menswear Runway (AceShowbiz.com)
17-01-22 (02:45)   Jeff Goldblum and Kyle MacLachlan Walk Fashion Runway in Italy (E! Online)
16-01-22 (23:27)   Watch Jeff Goldblum and Kyle MacLachlan walk in Prada's Milan Fashion Week show (NME.COM)
13-01-22 (16:40)   Before Twin Peaks' Laura Palmer, There Was the Mystery of Hazel Drew (Gizmodo)
13-01-22 (01:54)   Scream Meets Twin Peaks in This Clip From Courteney Cox's New Starz Series (Gizmodo)
11-01-22 (02:05)   The Twin Peaks Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign (Looper)
01-01-22 (13:29)   Cold case murder that inspired 'Twin Peaks' solved 100 years later: Book (New York Post)
10-12-21 (16:33)   David Lynch Has Twin Peaks' Red Room Memorized Right Down To The Curtain Texture [Exclusive] (SlashFilm)
07-12-21 (16:41)   'Abbott Elementary,' From Quinta Brunson, Makes a Smart First Impression: TV Review (Variety)
07-12-21 (02:14)   The Art Of Dune (Kotaku)
10-11-21 (18:13)   David Lynch pays tribute to late 'Blue Velvet' actor Dean Stockwell (NME.COM)
10-11-21 (03:28)   Binge 'Dexter,' 'Twin Peaks,' 'Shameless,' and more with these limited offers from Showtime (Mashable)
09-11-21 (19:17)   Dean Stockwell Remembered: David Lynch Recommends 'Blue Velvet' Song 'Honky Tonk, Part 1' In Honor; Co-Stars Pay Tribute (Deadline.com)
04-11-21 (19:25)   Twin Peaks Star Sherilyn Fenn Debunks Fake Audrey | Screen Rant (Screen Rant)
27-10-21 (02:26)   David Lynch's Dune is better than you remember, and weirder too (Digital Trends)
26-10-21 (23:05)   Why David Lynch's Dune Bombed At The Box Office (Looper)
26-10-21 (22:23)   Dune's Calculating Bene Gesserit Are a Most Precious Resource (Gizmodo)
26-10-21 (18:58)   Interpol and David Lynch release 2011 collaboration as limited NFT series (NME.COM)
26-10-21 (18:25)   Beloved Weirdo David Lynch Partners With Interpol for NFT Series Because of Course (RollingStone.com)
25-10-21 (07:48)   Twin peaks: Whether it's supply or demand, oil era heads for crunch time (OANN)
24-10-21 (17:23)   Dune's Rebecca Ferguson Talks Lady Jessica's True Power (Gizmodo)
24-10-21 (15:41)   David Lynch's Dune bombed, but was actually foundational (Polygon)
22-10-21 (17:33)   David Lynch's Dune Is Better Than Its Reputation Suggests (SlashFilm)
22-10-21 (14:22)   Why Mulholland Drive Is David Lynch's Best Movie (Looper)
21-10-21 (23:43)   Can Denis Villeneuve's Pricey 'Dune' Avoid the Box Office Fate of David Lynch's 1984 Bomb? (TheWrap.com)
21-10-21 (23:43)   David Lynch's terrible 1984 'Dune' is still the stuff of migraines (New York Post)
21-10-21 (20:47)   Here's The Dune Glossary For The David Lynch Adaptation Of The Sci-Fi Epic (SlashFilm)
20-10-21 (23:09)   Dune Nearly Went Without Oscar Isaac's Lustrous, Well-Oiled Beard (Gizmodo)
20-10-21 (20:47)   Why David Lynch Decided To Adapt Dune (SlashFilm)
19-10-21 (20:47)   The 10 Best Twin Peaks Episodes, Including Season 3 (SlashFilm)
17-10-21 (21:47)   Before the new version, let's revisit 1984's Dune—the greatest movie ever made (Ars Technica)
14-10-21 (17:47)   David Lynch's Dune Inspired Denis Villeneuve To Give His Own Interpretation (SlashFilm)
12-10-21 (16:12)   Alan Wake isn't like Twin Peaks. It's a completely unique experience (Digital Trends)
28-09-21 (23:13)   David Lynch's 'Mulholland Drive' to get 20th anniversary restoration (NME.COM)
28-09-21 (12:24)   David Lynch's 'Mulholland Drive' 20th Anniversary Restoration to Get Studiocanal, Criterion Release - Global Bulletin (Variety)
16-09-21 (16:29)   One Of 2021's Best Games Is A Match-3 (Kotaku)
11-09-21 (20:40)   15 X-Files Guest Stars Who Helped Make the Show a Classic (Gizmodo)
08-09-21 (22:47)   David Lynch And Pharrell Williams Opened A Very Weird Club In Ibiza (SlashFilm)
01-09-21 (15:17)   'Dune' 1984: Francesca Annis, The Original Lady Jessica, Lifts The Lid On Life Behind The Scenes Of David Lynch's Epic, The 'Heaven's Gate' Of Sci-Fi (Deadline.com)
25-08-21 (23:04)   David Lynch's Feature Films Ranked From Worst To Best (SlashFilm)
25-08-21 (19:53)   The Week in Genre History: 'Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me' burned David Lynch then became a classic (Syfy Wire)
10-08-21 (02:32)   Dan Kneece Dies: Steadicam Guild Co-Founder Known For Collaborations With David Lynch Was 64 (Deadline.com)
11-07-21 (16:25)   Why David Lynch Disowned Dune (And Why He Was Wrong) (Screen Rant)
06-07-21 (23:04)   Peacock's 'Joe Exotic' Series Generously Casts Kyle MacLachlan as Howard Baskin (SlashFilm)
06-07-21 (21:51)   Kyle MacLachlan Has Joined The Joe Exotic Series (Looper)
06-07-21 (21:27)   Kyle MacLachlan Joins Peacock's Joe Exotic As Howard Baskin (Vulture)
06-07-21 (21:13)   Kyle MacLachlan joins cast of 'Joe Exotic' drama series (NME.COM)
06-07-21 (19:41)   Kyle MacLachlan Joins Peacock Joe Exotic Series As Howard Baskin (GameSpot)
06-07-21 (19:26)   Joe Exotic: Kyle MacLachlan to Play Carole Baskin's Husband in Peacock Limited Series (TV Fanatic)
06-07-21 (19:10)   'Joe Exotic' Peacock Series Casts Kyle MacLachlan as Howard Baskin (Variety)
06-07-21 (19:03)   'Joe Exotic': Kyle MacLachlan To Play Howard Baskin In Peacock Limited Series (Deadline.com)
06-07-21 (19:03)   Joe Exotic: Kyle MacLachlan to Play Howard Baskin in Limited Series (TVLine)
01-07-21 (09:13)   Quote of the Week - Weeks of June 13th and 20th (Spoiler TV)
25-06-21 (21:03)   'Confess, Fletch': Miramax Movie Starts Filming Monday, Adds Marcia Gay Harden, Kyle MacLachlan & Roy Wood Jr. (Deadline.com)
24-06-21 (17:55)   Tilda Swinton, Orson Welles, David Lynch Titles Feature in Cannes Classics Selection - Global Bulletin (Variety)
24-06-21 (12:13)   Cara Delevingne's house has a David Bowie bathroom and David Lynch poker room (NME.COM)
19-06-21 (19:40)   James Cameron Explores His Cinematic Creative Process With Masterclass (Gizmodo)
14-06-21 (14:27)   Justin Theroux says even David Lynch didn't understand 'Mulholland Drive' (NME.COM)
07-06-21 (17:27)   'Purple Rain' star Clarence Williams III dies aged 81 (NME.COM)
03-06-21 (23:11)   See the Tragically Hip's 'Twin Peaks'-Inspired Video for 'Ouch' (RollingStone.com)
02-06-21 (00:18)   Months from the release of Dune 2021, the 1984 version gets a 4K release (Ars Technica)
01-06-21 (21:23)   David Lynch's Troubled, Doomed, Fascinating Dune Movie Is Coming to 4K (Gizmodo)
01-06-21 (02:12)   David Lynch's 'Dune' will be released on 4K Blu-ray in August (Engadget)
31-05-21 (18:04)   David Lynch's 'Dune' Getting 4K Release From Arrow Video (SlashFilm)
25-05-21 (15:13)   'Twin Peaks' will be leaving Netflix US at the end of June (NME.COM)
12-05-21 (01:04)   David Lynch Directs a Surreal Music Video for Scottish Psychedelic Folk Singer Donovan's 75th Birthday (SlashFilm)
12-05-21 (00:22)   Things You Only Notice In Twin Peaks After Watching It More Than Once (Looper)
11-05-21 (09:44)   David Lynch directs video for new Donovan song, 'I Am The Shaman' (NME.COM)
10-05-21 (19:27)   Wendy Williams Meeting Her Wax Figure Is Better Than Twin Peaks (Vulture)
10-05-21 (16:56)   Watch: David Lynch-Directed Music Video for Donovan's I Am The Shaman (The Film Stage)
10-05-21 (16:11)   Donovan Taps David Lynch to Direct New Video for 2010 Song 'I Am the Shaman' (RollingStone.com)
30-04-21 (13:20)   Kyle MacLachlan Claims Son Likes to Pose as Him in Replies to TikTok DMs (AceShowbiz.com)
19-04-21 (20:23)   CBP Releases Video From Predator Drone Deployed Over George Floyd Protests (Gizmodo)
14-04-21 (10:55)   Kyle MacLachlan Series 'Atlantic Crossing' Lands at Spain's Movistar Plus and Austria's ORF (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
09-04-21 (01:20)   'Twin Peaks' Star Walter Olkewicz Dies at 72 (AceShowbiz.com)
08-04-21 (13:43)   Walter Olkewicz, 'Twin Peaks' and 'Seinfeld' actor, dead at 72 (New York Post)
08-04-21 (06:58)   'Twin Peaks' actor Walter Olkewicz dies at 72 (NME.COM)
08-04-21 (03:24)   Walter Olkewicz, Actor in 'Twin Peaks,' Dies at 72 (Variety)
08-04-21 (03:03)   Walter Olkewicz Dies: Character Actor In 'Twin Peaks' And 'Grace Under Fire' Was 72 (Deadline.com)
03-04-21 (21:41)   Original Dune Star Kyle MacLachlan Says It's "Disheartening" That New Movie Is Coming To HBO Max (GameSpot)
03-04-21 (11:44)   Kyle MacLachlan says it's "disheartening" Denis Villeneuve's 'Dune' will be streamed online (NME.COM)
02-04-21 (20:41)   Original Dune Actor Kyle MacLachlan Says It's "Disheartening" That New Movie Is Coming To HBO Max (GameSpot)
01-04-21 (20:51)   Twin Peaks Actors You May Not Know Passed Away (Looper)
01-04-21 (18:13)   Kyle MacLachlan hints he'll appear in David Lynch's 'Wisteria' (NME.COM)
26-03-21 (20:03)   Tyler James Williams, Sheryl Lee Ralph, 3 More Join Quinta Brunson In Her ABC School Comedy Pilot (Deadline.com)
26-02-21 (17:33)   David Lynch Almost Made a Major Manga Adaptation in the '90s (SlashFilm)
25-02-21 (00:10)   'WandaVision' Cinematographer Jess Hall on Channeling David Lynch and Creating MCU Continuity (Variety)
11-02-21 (01:22)   Here's How You Can Watch Every Season Of Twin Peaks (Looper)
01-02-21 (18:24)   David Lynch Trolls the Internet with Anticipated 'Announcement' on YouTube (Variety)
01-02-21 (17:43)   David Lynch teases 'announcement' — but not about 'Twin Peaks' (New York Post)
17-12-20 (16:51)   The untold truth of David Lynch (Looper)
10-12-20 (23:54)   The Best Pop Culture We Caught Up On in 2020 (Gizmodo)
01-12-20 (00:33)   David Lynch Netflix Series Might Start Production Next Year (SlashFilm)
28-11-20 (21:25)   David Lynch to Begin Production on New Netflix Series in May (The Film Stage)
04-11-20 (18:55)   DC's Sweet Tooth sequel has big Twin Peaks vibes (Polygon)
03-11-20 (19:56)   Watch David Lynch's Election Day Forecast - for Weather, Not Votes (RollingStone.com)
03-11-20 (18:42)   Kyle MacLachlan Joins - and Wins - Fleetwood Mac 'Dreams' Challenge (RollingStone.com)
13-10-20 (19:03)   'Designing Women': Annie Potts, Jean Smart, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Scott Bakula Reunite For Charity Table Read (Deadline.com)
11-10-20 (09:41)   'Atlantic Crossing,' with Sofia Helin, Kyle MacLachlan, Sells For Beta Film (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
09-10-20 (22:32)   Michael Cera Q&A: The 'Arrested Development' Actor Discusses His New Kenneth Lonergan Project, Costar Mark Ruffalo And How Wally Brando Came To 'Twin Peaks' (Deadline.com)
08-10-20 (14:42)   David Lynch Confirms the Pandemic Halted His Plans to Shoot a New Project (The Film Stage)
06-10-20 (15:26)   Clark Middleton Dies; The Blacklist and Twin Peaks Star Was 63 (TV Fanatic)
06-10-20 (09:49)   'Twin Peaks' Actor Clark Middleton Died of West Nile Virus (AceShowbiz.com)
06-10-20 (05:07)   Clark Middleton, Twin Peaks and Fringe Actor, dead at 63 (Syfy Wire)
06-10-20 (04:58)   Clark Middleton, The Blacklist and Twin Peaks Actor, Dead at 63 (Vulture)
06-10-20 (03:43)   Clark Middleton, 'Twin Peaks' and 'Blacklist' Actor, Dies at 63 From West Nile Virus (TheWrap.com)
06-10-20 (03:03)   Clark Middleton Dies: 'Twin Peaks' & 'The Blacklist' Actor Was 63 (Deadline.com)
06-10-20 (02:20)   Clark Middleton, Actor on The Blacklist and Twin Peaks, Dead at 63 (TVLine)
06-10-20 (01:41)   Clark Middleton, Actor in 'The Blacklist,' 'Twin Peaks,' Dies at 63 (Variety)
04-10-20 (19:14)   Twin Peaks meets Gravity Falls and Life Is Strange in Scarlet Hollow, Episode 1 free on Steam (PCGamesN.com)
03-10-20 (18:44)   Please Decipher David Lynch's Pep Talk for Easter Eggs and Callbacks (Vulture)
18-09-20 (21:33)   Beyond Fest 2020 Schedule: 'Freaky', 'Possessor', 'Saint Maud', a David Lynch Triple Feature, and More (SlashFilm)
16-09-20 (17:11)   Charli XCX, Laura Jane Grace, David Lynch Set for Bonnaroo's Virtual Roo-Ality (RollingStone.com)
12-09-20 (01:04)   Watch: Denis Villeneuve's 'Dune' Trailer Side By Side with Footage From David Lynch's Version (SlashFilm)
05-09-20 (00:04)   'Dune' Director Denis Villeneuve Actually Thinks David Lynch's Version is Pretty Good (SlashFilm)
03-09-20 (20:53)   Denis Villeneuve says he wanted to adapt Dune after being 'half-satisfied' with the David Lynch version (Syfy Wire)
02-09-20 (23:05)   NASA digs up old Mars photo to highlight twin peaks hiding in plain sight (SlashGear)
25-08-20 (21:26)   Epic goes to court, Kyle MacLachlan | Digital Trends Live (Digital Trends)
17-08-20 (17:56)   David Lynch Includes Message for Postal Workers in Daily Weather Report (RollingStone.com)
15-08-20 (21:13)   The 25 best movie plot twists since 2000 (Mashable)
12-08-20 (21:04)   Hugh Jackman, Katie Couric and Kyle MacLachlan Turn Out for Donna Karan's 'Tesla' Screening (Hollywood Reporter)
07-08-20 (20:09)   10 TV Shows Where the First Season Was the Best Season (Gizmodo)
07-08-20 (16:11)   Gilda's Club Announces Charity Releases From Fitz and the Tantrums, Twin Peaks, More (RollingStone.com)
06-08-20 (23:07)   Alejandro Jodorowsky weighs in on new 'Dune' as Villeneuve rushes to finish editing (Syfy Wire)
03-08-20 (12:30)   David Lynch is Giving Daily Weather Reports and They're Awesome (TVOvermind)
31-07-20 (19:53)   David Lynch's daily weather reports continue to be the only thing helping us keep the days straight during the pandemic (Syfy Wire)
29-07-20 (18:58)   At Least 2020 Has Given Us YouTube Auteur David Lynch (Vulture)
29-07-20 (15:54)   Giancarlo Esposito Teases The Mandalorian's Plans for Moff Gideon (Gizmodo)
28-07-20 (23:04)   'Twin Peaks' Director David Lynch Teases Mysterious New Project (SlashFilm)
28-07-20 (22:25)   David Lynch Hints a Major New Project is in the Works (The Film Stage)
17-07-20 (02:24)   Galyn Görg, M.A.N.T.I.S. and RoboCop 2 actor, dies at 55 (Syfy Wire)
17-07-20 (01:41)   Galyn Görg, 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' Actor, Dies at 55 (Variety)
16-07-20 (21:29)   Galyn Gorg, 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' and 'Twin Peaks' Actress, Dies at 55 (TheWrap.com)
16-07-20 (20:47)   Galyn Görg, Actress on 'Twin Peaks' and 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,' Dies at 55 (Hollywood Reporter)
02-07-20 (17:38)   Seth Green teases Robot Chicken's big 200th episode with David Lynch and Sam Elliot (Syfy Wire)
01-07-20 (21:17)   Sheryl Lee Ralph, Kim Fields & More To Direct Shorts Produced by Tressa Azarel Smallwood For BET Her Initiative (Deadline.com)
29-06-20 (03:16)   The One Movie That David Lynch Isn't Proud He Made (TVOvermind)
22-06-20 (16:11)   David Lynch Answers Your Questions in New Video Series (The Film Stage)
18-06-20 (01:18)   Eric McCormack, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Jessica Holmes to Co-Host KTLA's Project Angel Food Telethon (Hollywood Reporter)
11-06-20 (00:22)   TV shows to watch if you like Twin Peaks (Looper)
10-06-20 (14:56)   Recommended New Books on Filmmaking: Parasite Storyboards, David Lynch's Dune, Céline Sciamma & More (The Film Stage)
10-06-20 (12:12)   David Lynch's creepy web series 'Rabbits' is back online (Engadget)
10-06-20 (08:24)   David Lynch Is Re-Releasing His Rabbits "Sitcom", And It's A Must-See For Fans (GameSpot)
08-06-20 (19:54)   The Story of Dune, David Lynch, and Hollywood's Most Notorious Pseudonym (Gizmodo)
30-05-20 (22:58)   David Lynch Is Basically Ron Swanson Now (Vulture)
29-05-20 (21:11)   David Lynch Launches New Series: "What Is David Working on Today?" (The Film Stage)
28-05-20 (22:10)   Losing track of time? Let David Lynch help (Polygon)
26-05-20 (22:30)   David Lynch Releases Animated Short Fire (Pozar) on Youtube (TVOvermind)
23-05-20 (21:44)   Meanwhile, Here's David Lynch With the Weather (Vulture)
23-05-20 (01:59)   Building a survival kit for Twin Peaks?—?a UX case study (UX Collective)
20-05-20 (20:33)   David Lynch Short Film 'Fire' Debuting on YouTube (SlashFilm)
20-05-20 (19:25)   Watch David Lynch's New Animated Short Fire (Pozar) (The Film Stage)
20-05-20 (12:13)   David Lynch's daily YouTube weather reports and are highly soothing and very David Lynch (Mashable)
18-05-20 (20:20)   David Lynch's video weather reports from his bunker are surprisingly soothing (TheVerge)
15-05-20 (22:47)   Why Kyle MacLachlan Didn't Second-Guess 'Capone' (Hollywood Reporter)
14-05-20 (03:11)   Director David Lynch's daily surreal LA weather reports return - CNET (C-Net News.com)
12-05-20 (17:18)   YouTube weather reports by David Lynch is the coronavirus surrealism we need (TNW)
08-05-20 (21:23)   7 Things I Liked About David Lynch's Dune (and 8 I Didn't) (Gizmodo)
06-05-20 (19:41)   'Riverdale' Finale: Mädchen Amick on Directing Jughead's Fantasy Murder, David Lynch's Influence (Variety)
27-04-20 (18:51)   Why you may never see Twin Peaks season 4 (Looper)
23-04-20 (22:30)   Why David Lynch Has No Desire to Watch the Dune Remake (TVOvermind)
22-04-20 (19:58)   David Lynch Says He Has "Zero Interest" In Denis Villeneuve's DUNE; Calls His Own Adaptation "A Failure" (Comic Book Movie)
21-04-20 (21:07)   Twin Peaks inspired a lasting legacy of smalltown weirdness in television (Syfy Wire)
21-04-20 (15:54)   David Lynch Says There's No More Twin Peaks in the Cards Right Now (Gizmodo)
21-04-20 (03:51)   What David Lynch really thinks of the upcoming Dune reboot (Looper)
21-04-20 (01:04)   David Lynch Has "Zero Interest" in the New 'Dune' Movie, Denies Working on a New Netflix Series (SlashFilm)
20-04-20 (23:53)   Original Dune director David Lynch has 'zero interest' in new adapation (Syfy Wire)
20-04-20 (22:55)   Francois Truffaut, Charlie Chaplin, David Lynch Titles Hit Netflix (Variety)
20-04-20 (18:29)   David Lynch has "zero interest" in new Dune adaptation, labels his 1984 version a "total failure" (GamesRadar)
20-04-20 (16:11)   David Lynch Says He Has "Zero Interest" in Denis Villeneuve's Dune (The Film Stage)
20-04-20 (15:47)   How I'm Living Now: David Lynch, Director (Hollywood Reporter)
16-04-20 (21:23)   10 Shows I'm Too Lazy to Watch, and You're Gonna Hate Me for It (Gizmodo)
15-04-20 (17:20)   TV's 22 Greatest Two-Season Shows of All Time — And We Ranked 'Em, Too! (TVLine)
10-04-20 (15:13)   David Lynch Is Making Tiny Lamps in Quarantine (Vulture)
09-04-20 (09:59)   30 years later, 'Twin Peaks' still loves us as much as we love it (Mashable)
09-04-20 (02:24)   Kyle MacLachlan, Madchen Amick host Twin Peaks watch party filled with fun facts & fine coffee (Syfy Wire)
08-04-20 (23:24)   Twin Peaks at 30: Cast & creators on David Lynch's 'fluke,' losing Emmys, and changing TV forever (Syfy Wire)
08-04-20 (18:11)   30 Incredible Things About the Twin Peaks Pilot (TVGuide.com)
08-04-20 (18:11)   James Roday on Why Twin Peaks Will Always Be His Favorite Show (TVGuide.com)
08-04-20 (12:16)   We've Dug Up Some Unexpected Secrets About Twin Peaks (E! Online)
02-04-20 (23:10)   'Medical Police' Creator Rob Corddry, Star Rob Huebel Reveal TV Guilty Pleasures and Other Picks (Variety)
24-03-20 (21:41)   What To Watch For Twin Peaks Fans, Best Stephen King Adaptations | You Should Be Watching (GameSpot)
24-03-20 (20:24)   What To Watch If You Like Twin Peaks, The Best Stephen King Adaptations To Watch After The Outsider | You Should Be Watc (GameSpot)
18-03-20 (23:24)   WWE's Empty-Arena Promos With Twin Peaks Music Is A Perfect Combo (GameSpot)
18-03-20 (03:25)   RuPaul, Anna Wintour, David Lynch Teaching Classes Online as Self-Quarantining Soars (RollingStone.com)
13-03-20 (22:24)   Look of the Week: Twin Peaks serves style nostalgia at the Double R Diner (Syfy Wire)
06-03-20 (22:03)   'Harlem's Kitchen': Sheryl Lee Ralph & Miguel Gomez Join ABC Drama Pilot (Deadline.com)
25-02-20 (21:38)   A history with dementia made Twin Peaks: The Return a tough watch (Syfy Wire)

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