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28-06-17 (08:20)   To Score The Haunting Woodsmen Scene, David Lynch Severely Slowed Down Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
28-06-17 (03:24)   Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 8 Breakdown - Gotta Light? (GameSpot)
27-06-17 (15:58)   Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Sunday 25th June 2017 (Spoiler TV)
27-06-17 (03:56)   Dark Mood Woods: A Twin Peaks Podcast ? Episode 8 (The Film Stage)
27-06-17 (00:00)   'Twin Peaks': David Lynch Has Made the Perfect TV Episode for the Internet (TheWrap.com)
26-06-17 (23:44)   Our 5 Biggest Questions After Twin Peaks: The Return, Episode 8 (Vulture)
26-06-17 (23:07)   Twin Peaks' future lies in the past (Hotchka)
26-06-17 (22:43)   'Twin Peaks' explained: 'Part 8' takes an experimental journey through darkness (Digital Trends)
26-06-17 (20:28)   Twin Peaks: Anti-Television at Its Finest (TVGuide.com)
26-06-17 (19:58)   The Eighth Episode of Twin Peaks: The Return Is Horrifyingly Beautiful (Vulture)
26-06-17 (18:11)   Twin Peaks: Part 8 Review & Discussion (Screen Rant)
26-06-17 (16:04)   'Twin Peaks: The Return' Review: Exploring the Best Moments of Part 8 (SlashFilm)
26-06-17 (14:49)   Twin Peaks Recap: Da Bomb Diggity? (TVLine)
26-06-17 (14:07)   TWIN PEAKS' 7 Most Lynchian Moments from Episode 8 (Nerdist)
26-06-17 (13:58)   Twin Peaks Recap: I Am Become Death, Destroyer of Worlds (Vulture)
26-06-17 (11:14)   An Old Minor 'Twin Peaks' Character May Be Very Important to the Events of Part 8 (TheWrap.com)
26-06-17 (10:52)   'Twin Peaks' Episode 8: Best Memes & Reactions [SPOILERS] (Heavy.com)
26-06-17 (10:23)   'Twin Peaks' Episode 8 Explained: Top Theories & Clues (Heavy.com)
26-06-17 (10:23)   'Twin Peaks' Episode 8: What Is the Convenience Store? [VIDEOS] (Heavy.com)
26-06-17 (09:14)   'Twin Peaks': We Think We Just Saw the Birth of BOB (TheWrap.com)
26-06-17 (07:20)   Twin Peaks Trending Worldwide: How Twitter Reacted To The Beautiful Nightmare That Was Part 8 (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
26-06-17 (06:57)   Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Part 8 (TV Fanatic)
26-06-17 (06:00)   Twin Peaks: "Part 8" Review (IGN.com)
26-06-17 (05:59)   'Twin Peaks' Recap: Can Evil Cooper Be Killed? (BuddyTV)
26-06-17 (05:37)   Twin Peaks Part 8 react: Wow, BOB, wow! (EW.com)
26-06-17 (05:29)   'Twin Peaks': All the Big Questions We Have Through Part 8 (Photos) (TheWrap.com)
26-06-17 (05:28)   'Twin Peaks': David Lynch Just Declared War on Recappers - Anybody Gotta Light? (Collider)
26-06-17 (05:04)   'Twin Peaks': David Lynch Upstages Nine Inch Nails With Sprawling Nightmare Sequence (Hollywood Reporter)
26-06-17 (04:58)   Nine Inch Nails Stops By the Roadhouse on Tonight's Twin Peaks (Vulture)
26-06-17 (04:45)   Twin Peaks Part 8: What the Hell Was That and Why? (E! Online)
26-06-17 (04:13)   POLL : What did you think of Twin Peaks: The Return - Part 8? (Spoiler TV)
25-06-17 (18:59)   Madchen Amick on Reuniting with David Lynch on 'Twin Peaks' & Her Role in 'Riverdale' Season 2 (Collider)
25-06-17 (17:59)   The New Twin Peaks Casting Process Was As Weird As The Show (Cinemabled)
25-06-17 (11:13)   POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 25th June 2017 (Spoiler TV)
24-06-17 (03:13)   Explore dishes from the weird and wonderful world of 'Twin Peaks' (Mashable)
24-06-17 (00:13)   Wacky dishes from the weird and wonderful world of 'Twin Peaks' (Mashable)
23-06-17 (19:37)   Twin Peaks: The Return Part 7 In 20 Animated GIFs (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
23-06-17 (19:03)   Was Orphan Black Off Its Clone Game? Another Wayward Sis for Supernatural? Twin Peaks Hint Pays Off? And More Qs (TVLine)
23-06-17 (16:51)   David Lynch's Personal Recommendations On How To Watch Twin Peaks Properly (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
23-06-17 (05:44)   Twin Peaks - The Return Part 7 - Review (Spoiler TV)
22-06-17 (20:37)   Kyle MacLachlan On Getting Into 3 Different Characters And Why The New Twin Peaks Is "Moving Art" (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
21-06-17 (07:06)   Calling All Cryptanalysts: Did Lynch & Frost Hide A Secret Code In Flickering Airplane Windows? (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
21-06-17 (04:41)   Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 7 Breakdown! (GameSpot)
20-06-17 (19:47)   David Lynch Returns to Lucca Film Fest for Special 'Twin Peaks' Event (Hollywood Reporter)
20-06-17 (05:25)   Dark Mood Woods: A Twin Peaks Podcast ? Episode 7 (The Film Stage)
20-06-17 (00:53)   Twin Peaks crackles with electricity (Hotchka)
19-06-17 (23:28)   Twin Peaks Exhumed Laura Palmer's Diary (TVGuide.com)
19-06-17 (18:06)   Fun Fact: Dale Cooper's House In Rio Is Actually Al Capone's Miami Beach Mansion (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
19-06-17 (17:38)   TWIN PEAKS' 7 Most Lynchian Moments in Episode 7 (Nerdist)
19-06-17 (17:18)   'Twin Peaks': Agent Cooper Unleashes the Cobra and Makes His Move in Episode Seven (Hollywood Reporter)
19-06-17 (16:04)   'Twin Peaks: The Return' Review: Exploring the Best Moments of Part 7 (SlashFilm)
19-06-17 (15:49)   Twin Peaks Episode 7 Recap: Audrey's Fate (Finally) Revealed (TVLine)
19-06-17 (14:06)   'Twin Peaks': Will Agent Cooper Ever Return? (Heavy.com)
19-06-17 (13:37)   'Twin Peaks' Episode 7 Explained: Top Clues & Theories (Heavy.com)
19-06-17 (08:27)   Twin Peaks Recap: The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer (Vulture)
19-06-17 (08:08)   'Twin Peaks' Part 7 react: Who's Laura Palmer? (EW.com)
19-06-17 (07:57)   Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Part 7 (TV Fanatic)
19-06-17 (07:00)   Twin Peaks: "Part 7" Review (IGN.com)
19-06-17 (06:56)   Twin Peaks: Part 7 Review & Discussion (Screen Rant)
19-06-17 (06:45)   'Twin Peaks' Recap: Where is Major Briggs? (BuddyTV)
19-06-17 (06:28)   'Twin Peaks': David Lynch Teases an Ominous Future in "Part 7" (Collider)
19-06-17 (04:13)   POLL : What did you think of Twin Peaks: The Return - Part 7? (Spoiler TV)
18-06-17 (18:06)   All Characters From The New Twin Peaks In One Giant Collage (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
18-06-17 (11:13)   POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 18th June 2017 (Spoiler TV)
18-06-17 (06:13)   Twin Peaks - The Return, Part 6 - Review (Spoiler TV)
17-06-17 (00:51)   A Twin Peaks Podcast mailbag: Dougie, Diane, and a new theory of time (EW.com)
17-06-17 (00:08)   Twin Peaks mailbag: Dougie, Diane, and a new theory of time (EW.com)
16-06-17 (20:52)   Funko SDCC Exclusives: STRANGER THINGS, TWIN PEAKS, and More (Nerdist)
16-06-17 (20:06)   New Twin Peaks Funko POP! 2-Pack With Black Lodge Cooper & Laura To Debut At SDCC 2017 (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
16-06-17 (19:28)   Twin Peaks: Seriously, Why the Heck Are Richard and Linda Important? (TVGuide.com)
16-06-17 (06:06)   Twin Peaks: The Return Part 6 In 20 Animated GIFs (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
16-06-17 (04:43)   'Twin Peaks' Analysis: What Do the Numbers Mean? (TheWrap.com)
15-06-17 (21:06)   "I'm Naomi Watts. Ask Me Anything!" (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
15-06-17 (01:06)   Angelo Badalamenti's Moving New Music In Twin Peaks Part 6 Was Recorded Before David Lynch Shot A Single Scene (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
14-06-17 (21:47)   The Top Five David Lynch Cameos of All Time (TVOvermind)
14-06-17 (21:33)   'Twin Peaks': How Michael Horse Learned to Embrace David Lynch's Mysterious World (Hollywood Reporter)
14-06-17 (03:55)   Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 6 Breakdown (GameSpot)
14-06-17 (00:13)   In Praise of Dougie Jones, the Biggest Tease in the New Twin Peaks (Vulture)
13-06-17 (19:06)   And The Titles For Twin Peaks - The Return Parts 9 Through 12 Are... (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
13-06-17 (14:25)   Twin Peaks: Why The Diane Reveal is a Big Deal (Screen Rant)
13-06-17 (05:11)   Dark Mood Woods: A Twin Peaks Podcast - Episode 6 (The Film Stage)
12-06-17 (22:58)   Twin Peaks Recap: Tell Me When This Is Over (Vulture)
12-06-17 (22:51)   A Twin Peaks Podcast: The arrival of Diane, Carl, and magic coins (EW.com)
12-06-17 (22:43)   In Part 6 of 'Twin Peaks,' sinister magic leads to catastrophe (Digital Trends)
12-06-17 (21:29)   Twin Peaks: "Part 6" Review (IGN.com)
12-06-17 (21:04)   'Twin Peaks: The Return' Review: The Best Scene in Part 6 (SlashFilm)
12-06-17 (20:28)   Twin Peaks: It Was Laura Dern the Whole Time! (TVGuide.com)
12-06-17 (17:38)   TWIN PEAKS' 7 Most Lynchian Moments in Episode 6 (Nerdist)
12-06-17 (14:01)   I Totally Forgot that David Lynch was on "Louie" as Jack Dall (TVOvermind)
12-06-17 (13:49)   Twin Peaks Episode 6 Recap: 'Diane, That's a Damn Good Wig' (TVLine)
12-06-17 (11:57)   Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Part 6 (TV Fanatic)
12-06-17 (08:11)   Twin Peaks: Part 6 Review & Discussion (Screen Rant)
12-06-17 (06:45)   'Twin Peaks' Recap: How Does Janey-E Deal with Dougie's Debt? (BuddyTV)
12-06-17 (06:18)   'Twin Peaks': A Fan Favorite Character Finally Debuts (Hollywood Reporter)
12-06-17 (06:02)   Twin Peaks Part 6 Finally Gave Us the Character We've Been Waiting For (E! Online)
12-06-17 (05:57)   We Need to Talk About Diane's Triumphant Return to Twin Peaks (TVGuide.com)
12-06-17 (05:56)   Hawk makes a discovery in Part 6 of Twin Peaks: The Return (Blastr.com)
12-06-17 (05:42)   'Twin Peaks': Dougie Gets to Work & New Villains Emerge in "Part 6" (Collider)
12-06-17 (05:37)   Twin Peaks: Familiar faces and the Spike (EW.com)
12-06-17 (05:27)   Twin Peaks Finally Answers a Big Question: Who Is Diane? (Vulture)
12-06-17 (04:13)   POLL : What did you think of Twin Peaks: The Return - Part 6? (Spoiler TV)
11-06-17 (11:13)   POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 11th June 2017 (Spoiler TV)
11-06-17 (05:58)   Twin Peaks - The Return, Part 5 - Review (Spoiler TV)
10-06-17 (00:43)   'Twin Peaks': Is Dougie Jones' Name a Huge Clue? We Asked His Namesake (TheWrap.com)
09-06-17 (20:03)   What Did Leftovers Love Note Say? Has Twin Peaks Hit 'Peak Dougie'? Kevin Can Wait to Be Widowed? And More Qs (TVLine)
09-06-17 (16:27)   Play the Twin Peaks Drinking Game (Vulture)
09-06-17 (01:42)   Twin Peaks: What's Going On in Argentina? (TVGuide.com)
08-06-17 (18:37)   Watch How Kyle MacLachlan Makes Damn Fine Cherry Pie And Adds A Little Tribute To Audrey Horne (Video) (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
07-06-17 (20:06)   Twin Peaks: The Return Part 5 In 20 Animated GIFs (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
07-06-17 (04:41)   Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 5 Breakdown! (GameSpot)
07-06-17 (02:33)   'Twin Peaks': Madchen Amick Talks Amanda Seyfried and "Surreal" Diner Return (Hollywood Reporter)
06-06-17 (04:56)   Dark Mood Woods: A Twin Peaks Podcast - Episode 5 (The Film Stage)
05-06-17 (22:57)   Twin Peaks Returned to Earth This Week (Mostly) (TVGuide.com)
05-06-17 (22:51)   A Twin Peaks Podcast: The new Laura Palmer and what Las Vegas means (EW.com)
05-06-17 (22:12)   'Twin Peaks' just keeps getting stranger in Part 5, for Agent Cooper and all of us (Digital Trends)
05-06-17 (22:04)   'Twin Peaks': Is Becky Burnett the New Laura Palmer? (Hollywood Reporter)
05-06-17 (18:43)   'Twin Peaks': We Seem to Have Met a New Member of the Horne Family in Part 5 (TheWrap.com)
05-06-17 (18:29)   'Twin Peaks': We Seem to Have Met a New Member of the Horne Family in Part 5 (TheWrap.com)
05-06-17 (17:13)   How 'Twin Peaks' Is Using Nostalgia to Change the Way We Think About TV Revivals (Collider)
05-06-17 (16:42)   Twin Peaks: Dougie's Journey Is Horrifying Because It's So Realistic (TVGuide.com)
05-06-17 (16:04)   'Twin Peaks: The Return' Review: Exploring the Best Moment in Part 5 (SlashFilm)
05-06-17 (15:13)   Twin Peaks Recap: Teach Me How to Dougie (Vulture)
05-06-17 (14:20)   Twin Peaks Episode 5 Recap: Did We Just Meet [Spoiler]'s Demon Spawn? (TVLine)
05-06-17 (07:12)   Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Part 5 (TV Fanatic)
05-06-17 (07:07)   TWIN PEAKS: The 7 Most Lynchian Moments From Episode 5 (Nerdist)
05-06-17 (06:43)   Twin Peaks: "Part 5" Review (IGN.com)
05-06-17 (06:18)   'Twin Peaks': A Dead Character Resurfaces (Hollywood Reporter)
05-06-17 (06:16)   Twin Peaks Part 5: At Least Now We Know What the Shovels Are For (E! Online)
05-06-17 (05:59)   'Twin Peaks' Recap: Does BOB Reveal Himself? (BuddyTV)
05-06-17 (05:59)   'Twin Peaks': A Melancholic Day in the Life of Dougie in "Part 5" (Collider)
05-06-17 (05:42)   New clues emerge in Part 5 of Twin Peaks: The Return (Blastr.com)
05-06-17 (05:06)   David Lynch's Son Riley Performs "Snake Eyes" With Trouble At The Bang Bang Bar (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
05-06-17 (04:56)   Twin Peaks: Part 5 Review & Discussion (Screen Rant)
05-06-17 (04:25)   In Praise of David Lynch's The Straight Story (ComingSoon.com)
05-06-17 (04:13)   POLL : What did you think of Twin Peaks: The Return - Part 5? (Spoiler TV)
05-06-17 (00:59)   'Twin Peaks': Dana Ashbrook on Returning for Season 3 & Working with David Lynch (Collider)
04-06-17 (19:34)   Quotes of the Week: Twin Peaks, PLL, Gotham, Veep, Prison Break and More (TVLine)
04-06-17 (16:13)   Twin Peaks - The Return, Parts 3&4 - Review (Spoiler TV)
04-06-17 (02:29)   Thoughts on Netflix Cancellations and Twin Peaks' Return (IGN.com)
03-06-17 (21:37)   'Twin Peaks' star Kyle MacLachlan on his on-screen reunion with David Lynch (EW.com)
03-06-17 (20:31)   Watch Showtime 'Twin Peaks' First Two Episodes Streaming Free (ScreenCrush)
03-06-17 (20:06)   Chrysta Bell And This Mortal Coil's John Fryer Cover Julee Cruise's "Falling" (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
03-06-17 (17:56)   Now you can stream the premiere of Twin Peaks: The Return online for free (Blastr.com)
03-06-17 (17:20)   Watch Twin Peaks: The Return Parts 1 & 2 For Free (U.S. Only) (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
03-06-17 (03:20)   How Will Lucifer Explain Resurrection? How Do Nashville Kids Know Daria? iZombie Confusion? And More TV Qs! (TVLine)
03-06-17 (02:40)   Showtime to Sample First Two Parts of Limited Event Series "Twin Peaks" in Celebration of National Donut Day (The Futon Critic)
02-06-17 (23:58)   Twin Peaks' Kimmy Robertson Thinks It's Wrong to Call Lucy a 'Ditz' (Vulture)
02-06-17 (17:44)   Twin Peaks' Sheryl Lee Explains What It Feels Like to Be in the Red Room (Vulture)
02-06-17 (17:27)   Why Are There So Many Doppelgängers in Pop Culture Right Now? (Vulture)
01-06-17 (23:57)   Twin Peaks: Blue Rose, Garmonbozia, What Does It All Mean? (TVGuide.com)
01-06-17 (23:51)   Parallels Between Two Worlds: Watch The Glass Box And Purple Room Scenes Side By Side (Video) (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
01-06-17 (19:06)   Permanent "Welcome To Twin Peaks" Town Sign Installed At Original Snoqualmie Filming Location (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
01-06-17 (16:56)   Objects in Space 5/31: Wonder Woman (natch), Star Trek Discovery and David Lynch's woman problem (Blastr.com)
01-06-17 (02:26)   How Kubrick, David Lynch, and happy accidents gave 'Legion' its crazy look (Digital Trends)
31-05-17 (22:56)   Could David Bowie's Phillip Jeffries Return in Twin Peaks Season 3? (Screen Rant)
31-05-17 (22:29)   'Twin Peaks: The Return' Proves David Lynch Still Has a Woman Problem (Commentary) (TheWrap.com)
31-05-17 (21:56)   Listen to a Playlist of the New 'Twin Peaks' Soundtrack (The Film Stage)
31-05-17 (21:06)   Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks is the audience: once delighted, now disintegrating (TheVerge)
31-05-17 (16:13)   Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Sunday 28th May 2017 (Spoiler TV)
31-05-17 (16:13)   'Where Is Twin Peaks?' Is the New 'Who Killed Laura Palmer?' (Vulture)
31-05-17 (15:28)   Is 'Buckhorn, South Dakota' a real place? What we know about the other 'Twin Peaks' (Mashable)
30-05-17 (23:16)   David Lynch Says Movie Trailers These Days Are 'Really Harmful' (ScreenCrush)
30-05-17 (23:06)   How Cooper Didn't Greet Gordon Cole Properly And Revealed Something Is "Yrev, Very" Wrong (Video) (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
30-05-17 (22:57)   Dougie's Green Ring May Be Critical to Comprehending Twin Peaks (TVGuide.com)
30-05-17 (19:27)   Nicole LaLiberte Says Filming Her Grisly Twin Peaks Motel-Room Scene Was 'Fun' (Vulture)
30-05-17 (18:37)   Donut Disturb: Download & Print Hawk's Door Sign (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
30-05-17 (18:20)   Twin Peaks Top 3: Can someone teach Agent Cooper how to Dougie? (TheVerge)
30-05-17 (18:16)   'Seinfeld' Gets 'Twin Peaks' Treatment in Revival Teaser Parody (ScreenCrush)
30-05-17 (17:47)   'Twin Peaks': 7 Guesses About Agent Cooper's Old Friend (Hollywood Reporter)
30-05-17 (17:06)   David Lynch's Festival Of Disruption 2017 Dates & Lineup Announced: Sheryl Lee, Bon Iver, TV On The Radio, And More! (Welcom to Twin Peaks)
30-05-17 (16:52)   Our Cultural Obsession With 'Pretty Dead Girls' Began Long Before 'Twin Peaks' (The Huffington Post)
30-05-17 (16:50)   Wonderful & Strange: Why Viewers Love the Unsettling World of 'Twin Peaks' (Live Science)
30-05-17 (14:37)   Damon Lindelof joins A Twin Peaks Podcast to talk David Lynch and The Leftovers (EW.com)
30-05-17 (03:42)   'Twin Peaks': David Lynch Heads Home and Hits the Suburbs in "Parts 3 & 4" (Collider)
29-05-17 (22:18)   'Twin Peaks' Paves the Way for a Cooper vs. Cooper Showdown (Hollywood Reporter)
29-05-17 (20:04)   'Twin Peaks: The Return' Review: Exploring the Best Moments in Parts 3 and 4 (SlashFilm)
29-05-17 (18:22)   'Twin Peaks': Kyle MacLachlan on creating doppelgängers and Dirty Cooper (EW.com)
29-05-17 (17:42)   Twin Peaks: The Black & White Lodges Explained (Screen Rant)
29-05-17 (17:37)   A 'Twin Peaks' Podcast: The comedy gold (and gold shovels) of parts 3 and 4 (EW.com)
29-05-17 (07:42)   Twin Peaks Just Keeps Getting Stranger (Thank Goodness) (TVGuide.com)
29-05-17 (07:22)   TV Review: Twin Peaks 2017, Episode 3 & 4 SPOILERS (JoBlo.com)
29-05-17 (07:12)   Twin Peaks Review: Familiar Faces, Unfamiliar Places (TV Fanatic)
29-05-17 (06:59)   'Twin Peaks' Recap: Why Do Gordon and Albert Confront Cooper? (BuddyTV)
29-05-17 (05:57)   In 'Twin Peaks' episodes 3 and 4, Cooper takes an otherworldly odyssey (Digital Trends)
29-05-17 (05:42)   Twin Peaks Takes Two Wildly Different Approaches In Episodes 3 & 4 (Screen Rant)
29-05-17 (05:18)   'Twin Peaks': Agent Cooper Makes a Major Comeback (Hollywood Reporter)
29-05-17 (05:18)   'Twin Peaks' Star Breaks Down the Revival's Most Nostalgic Moment Yet (Hollywood Reporter)
29-05-17 (05:16)   Twin Peaks: Who's Who and What the Heck Just Happened in Parts 3 and 4? (E! Online)
29-05-17 (05:13)   POLL : What did you think of Twin Peaks: The Return - Parts 3 and 4? (Spoiler TV)
29-05-17 (05:13)   Madeline Zima Didn't Know She Was Auditioning for the Twin Peaks Revival (Vulture)
29-05-17 (05:07)   TWIN PEAKS: The 7 Most Lynchian Moments in Episodes 3 And 4 (Nerdist)
29-05-17 (04:13)   David Lynch Forces Your Brain to Work Differently (Vulture)
29-05-17 (03:13)   Twin Peaks Recap: I Don't Understand This Situation at All (Vulture)
29-05-17 (01:42)   Why Twin Peaks Season 2 Is Underrated (Screen Rant)
29-05-17 (01:42)   Twin Peaks: Throwbacks and References You Might Have Missed (Screen Rant)
28-05-17 (21:16)   Twin Peaks' first four episodes are pure, uncut David Lynch (TechnoBuffalo)
28-05-17 (20:53)   Twin Peaks begins to add things up with Episode 4 (Hotchka)
28-05-17 (20:45)   How Many People Actually Watched The Twin Peaks Premiere (Cinemabled)
28-05-17 (19:00)   Twin Peaks: "Part 3 / Part 4" Review (IGN.com)
28-05-17 (18:44)   So, David Lynch Might Make Some More Movies Again, After All (Vulture)
28-05-17 (11:13)   POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 28th May 2017 (Spoiler TV)
28-05-17 (07:27)   Twin Peaks - The Return Part 1 & 2 - Review (Spoiler TV)
28-05-17 (01:07)   Familiar faces and more weirdness permeate Twin Peaks (Hotchka)
27-05-17 (15:25)   David Lynch May Direct More Movies After Twin Peaks Season 3 (Screen Rant)
27-05-17 (00:26)   Weekly Rewind: 'Game of Thrones' is coming, 'Twin Peaks' returns, Bond's best rides (Digital Trends)
26-05-17 (23:25)   Twin Peaks Sets Showtime Streaming Debut Record (Screen Rant)
26-05-17 (23:04)   Matthew Lillard Compares 'Twin Peaks' Secrecy to 'Star Wars' (Hollywood Reporter)
26-05-17 (23:03)   'Twin Peaks' Premiere Gets Modest Live+3 Bump; Strong Streaming Lift (Deadline.com)
26-05-17 (22:08)   'Twin Peaks': David Lynch breaks down the first four episodes (EW.com)
26-05-17 (22:04)   TV Ratings: With a Modest Start, 'Twin Peaks' Return Sees Massive Streaming Lift (Hollywood Reporter)
26-05-17 (19:44)   Jane Campion Thinks It's 'Insane' She's the Only Woman Director to Win Cannes in 70 Years (Vulture)
26-05-17 (19:02)   So, Wait, Now David Lynch Says He's Actually Not Done With Cinema (Maybe) (ScreenCrush)
26-05-17 (18:16)   Twin Peaks: How the Secrets Were Kept on the Set of TV's Most Mysterious Revival (E! Online)
26-05-17 (18:14)   David Lynch Cries During 'Twin Peaks' Standing Ovation at Cannes (Video) (TheWrap.com)
26-05-17 (03:10)   Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 3 & 4 Breakdown! (GameSpot)
25-05-17 (23:46)   David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks' Revival Met With Standing Ovation In Cannes (Deadline.com)
25-05-17 (23:11)   Twin Peaks: Where Did Laura Palmer Go? (TVGuide.com)
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