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29-02-24 (15:33)   David Lynch Ruthlessly Denied Glenn Close For A Part In Dune (SlashFilm)
29-02-24 (01:13)   David Lynch's Massive 'Dune' Failure Led to One of His Most Iconic Films (Collider)
28-02-24 (15:07)   'I Saw the TV Glow' Trailer: Jane Schoenbrun Channels David Lynch and Late-Night Cable Nightmares for A24 Horror Movie (IndieWire)
27-02-24 (21:10)   Sting is my favorite part of David Lynch's Dune (Polygon)
27-02-24 (18:15)   Twin Peaks' co-creator finally sheds some light on the classic series' connection to Link's Awakening (VG247)
27-02-24 (17:58)   Sting still has the codpiece he wore in David Lynch's 'Dune' (NME.COM)
25-02-24 (21:14)   The Making of 'Grimsburg': How a Live-Action Noir Spoof Turned Into 'Twin Peaks' Meets Springfield (TheWrap.com)
25-02-24 (20:42)   10 Highest-Grossing David Lynch Movies (Collider)
25-02-24 (02:42)   'Twin Peaks' Still Has One of the Scariest TV Episodes of All Time (Collider)
24-02-24 (15:06)   The direct influence of Twin Peaks on Zelda (TheVerge)
24-02-24 (15:06)   David Lynch's presence has been haunting video games for decades (TheVerge)
22-02-24 (21:28)   'Fire Walk With Me' Let David Lynch Go Where 'Twin Peaks' Never Could (Collider)
20-02-24 (22:13)   Anthony Hopkins Tried to Get David Lynch Fired From 'The Elephant Man' (Collider)
15-02-24 (23:42)   This Classic '80s Teen Comedy Was Almost Directed by David Lynch (Collider)
15-02-24 (03:28)   If You Love 'Twin Peaks,' Check Out This Murder Mystery Series (Collider)
09-02-24 (22:40)   A Three-Body Problem Adaptation Is Arriving Sooner Than You Think (Gizmodo)
08-02-24 (02:00)   Whoopi Goldberg moves Sheryl Lee Ralph to tears after 'Sister Act 3' invitation on 'The View' (New York Post)
07-02-24 (20:03)   Whoopi Goldberg Invites 'View' Guest Sheryl Lee Ralph To Join Planned 'Sister Act 3' (Deadline.com)
07-02-24 (19:43)   Whoopi Goldberg Reveals a 'Sister Act 2' Reunion Is In the Works at 'The View,' Asks Sheryl Lee Ralph to Join It - and 'Sister Act 3' (TheWrap.com)
02-02-24 (16:10)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Leads Disney Entertainment Television's Giving Flowers Campaign for Black History Month (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
02-02-24 (15:51)   I Live Here Now: Lucy Fry, Madeline Brewer, Sheryl Lee star in psychological horror film (JoBlo.com)
31-01-24 (03:59)   This Unsettling David Lynch Web Series Was Used in Psychological Research (Collider)
26-01-24 (01:23)   David Lynch's Dune Is Bringing Its Glorious Weirdness Back to Theaters (Gizmodo)
25-01-24 (19:23)   Dune 2 Has an Unexpected Connection to the David Lynch Movie (Den of Geek)
23-01-24 (21:59)   The Scene That Made Naomi Watts Mad at David Lynch (Collider)
23-01-24 (18:46)   Paul Giamatti On 'The Holdovers' Oscar Nom, His Love Of Zach Cregger's 'Barbarian' & A Missed Opportunity To Collaborate With David Lynch (Deadline.com)
19-01-24 (05:59)   David Lynch Used an Unconventional Method To Create 'Eraserhead' (Collider)
17-01-24 (13:58)   'Twin Peaks' star Kyle MacLachlan recreates Lorde's Instagram teaser pictures (NME.COM)
16-01-24 (19:10)   Hotels on Screen: Relive 'Twin Peaks' at Salish Lodge and Spa (Variety)
15-01-24 (23:03)   Breaking Baz: Mohawk Lady Steals Tequila At Critics Choice Awards While Team 'Barbie' Stays Classy; Harrison Ford Embraces Ryan Gosling & Sheryl Lee Ralph Reunites With Robert De Niro (Deadline.com)
15-01-24 (17:28)   David Lynch's 'Dune' Returns to Theaters Next Month (Collider)
15-01-24 (16:00)   David Lynch's Dune Getting Re-Released in U.S. Theaters for 40th Anniversary (IGN.com)
12-01-24 (18:23)   Lost Dune II Script Promised a Way More David Lynch Experience (Den of Geek)
12-01-24 (16:08)   Episode 35 of 80s Horror Memories looks back at David Lynch's Blue Velvet (JoBlo.com)
11-01-24 (17:44)   David Lynch's lost 'Dune 2' script has been found - here's what was in it (NME.COM)
11-01-24 (15:32)   I found David Lynch's lost Dune II script (Ars Technica)
10-01-24 (22:14)   Someone Actually Found David Lynch's Half-Finished Dune 2 Script (IGN.com)
10-01-24 (20:42)   David Lynch's Recovered Dune Messiah Script Offers a Window Into the Never-Made Sequel (The Film Stage)
10-01-24 (18:09)   David Lynch's Lost Dune 2 Script Has Been Found (Gizmodo)
10-01-24 (15:14)   I Found David Lynch's Lost 'Dune II' Script (WIRED)
08-01-24 (18:43)   The Most Exciting TV Shows of 2024 (Kotaku)
08-01-24 (02:02)   Sheryl Lee Ralph and Janelle James Twin at the 2024 Golden Globes (E! Online)
07-01-24 (21:04)   Shrek Forever After's Director Faked An Illness To Go Work For David Lynch Instead (SlashFilm)
06-01-24 (17:04)   David Lynch Had One Dangerously Cheesy Request For His Cameo In The Fabelmans (SlashFilm)
03-01-24 (18:09)   First Trailer for The First Omen Holds Devilish Promise (Gizmodo)
31-12-23 (20:59)   The Dreamy Underrated Drama That's a Must-Watch for 'Twin Peaks' Fans (Collider)
25-12-23 (00:59)   The David Lynch Movie That Inspired Bradley Cooper To Be an Actor (Collider)
23-12-23 (18:25)   10 Ways Twin Peaks Changed TV Forever (Screen Rant)
20-12-23 (20:18)   David Lynch Smoked 16 Cigars In One Day For His Fabelmans Cameo (SlashFilm)
20-12-23 (16:22)   David Lynch asked for a bag of Cheetos in exchange for his cameo in The Fabelmans (JoBlo.com)
20-12-23 (16:07)   David Lynch's Main Ask for 'The Fabelmans' Role Was a Bag of Cheetos in His Dressing Room: 'Incredible Flavor' (IndieWire)
20-12-23 (15:14)   David Lynch Almost Didn't Play John Ford In The Fabelmans, But Turns Out Cheetos Helped Convince Him To Take The Role (Cinemabled)
20-12-23 (14:41)   Damon Lindelof on 'Twin Peaks': 'It Was Transmitting at Exactly My Frequency' (Variety)
20-12-23 (03:44)   We Figured Out David Lynch's Favorite Cheetos (Vulture)
20-12-23 (01:17)   David Lynch Requested A Bag Of Cheetos To Appear In Steven Spielberg's 'The Fabelmans': "Any Chance I Can, I Get Them" (Deadline.com)
19-12-23 (01:56)   12 TV Shows That Would Not Exist Without Twin Peaks (Screen Rant)
18-12-23 (21:12)   Wait, David Lynch directed a commercial for the Sony PlayStation? (Digital Trends)
14-12-23 (20:59)   This 'Twin Peaks' Scene Will Follow Matthew Lillard Into the Afterlife (Collider)
11-12-23 (16:24)   Golden Globes Snubs and Surprises: Sheryl Lee Ralph, Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift and More (Variety)
11-12-23 (14:25)   10 David Lynch Projects That Never Got Made (Screen Rant)
10-12-23 (19:56)   Oscar-Nominated Actor Details Heartbreak Over Missing Out On Twin Peaks Revival (Screen Rant)
07-12-23 (21:29)   20 Cool Indie Games You Won't See At The Game Awards (Kotaku)
06-12-23 (14:31)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Addresses Rumors She Doesn't Live With Her Husband (E! Online)
06-12-23 (00:51)   Paul Giamatti couldn't bring himself to watch Twin Peaks revival after missing out on role (JoBlo.com)
04-12-23 (21:43)   Paul Giamatti Reveals the 'Heartbreaking' Reason He Had to Pull Out From Starring in David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks' Reboot (TheWrap.com)
02-12-23 (17:40)   Fallout's First Trailer Welcomes You to a Familiar Post-Apocalypse (Gizmodo)
02-12-23 (15:20)   'Twin Peaks' Director David Lynch Slapped With Divorce Papers by Wife Emily Stofle (AceShowbiz.com)
30-11-23 (17:24)   Sheryl Lee Ralph-Produced Doc 'Unexpected' to Premiere on Hulu on World AIDS Day (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
28-11-23 (17:08)   Fallout TV series images offer first look at characters played by Ella Purnell, Kyle MacLachlan, Walton Goggins (JoBlo.com)
25-11-23 (03:13)   10 Great David Lynch Movies Ranked by How Weird They Are (Collider)
23-11-23 (16:11)   Enjoy 1 Hour of David Lynch Reminiscing on Life & Listening to Rain (FirstShowing.net)
17-11-23 (16:23)   The Strangest Gift Ideas From the Bowels of the Internet (Gizmodo)
13-11-23 (22:55)   America Ferrera, Colman Domingo and Greta Lee Among Critics Choice Association Honorees for Black, Latino and AAPI Achievements (Variety)
08-11-23 (21:25)   Alan Wake 2 Isn't A Horror Game, It's A Twin Peaks Game (Screen Rant)
08-11-23 (18:09)   David Lynch and the Star Wars: Return of the Jedi That Might Have Been (Den of Geek)
06-11-23 (16:08)   Twin Peaks (1990-91): What Happened to this Show? (JoBlo.com)
04-11-23 (17:42)   All 3 Seasons Of Twin Peaks, Ranked Worst To Best (Screen Rant)
03-11-23 (02:13)   Marilyn Monroe Inspired David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks' & 'Mulholland Drive' (Collider)
02-11-23 (18:15)   Alan Wake 2's Twin Peaks Inspirations Explained (Game Rant)
31-10-23 (23:42)   Yes, X-Files and Twin Peaks Are Set in the Same Universe (Screen Rant)
30-10-23 (18:29)   Stardew Valley Creator Says he Would Like a Movie Based on the Game With Ghibli or David Lynch (IGN.com)
29-10-23 (01:13)   The Abandoned David Lynch Film Marlon Brando Called "Pretentious Bullsh*t" (Collider)
27-10-23 (23:28)   Queen Elizabeth Once Turned Down a Music Icon to Watch 'Twin Peaks' (Collider)
25-10-23 (23:28)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Joins 'Fabulous Four' Wedding Comedy (Collider)
25-10-23 (21:46)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Rounds Out 'The Fabulous Four' As Additional Cast Joins Bleecker Street Comedy  (Deadline.com)
25-10-23 (17:28)   Samuel L. Jackson, Sheryl Lee Ralph And More Pay Tribute To Shaft Actor Richard Roundtree (Cinemabled)
25-10-23 (16:37)   Tom Cruise almost starred in David Lynch's Dune (JoBlo.com)
24-10-23 (04:28)   Steve Martin & Martin Short Almost Starred in a Bizarre David Lynch Comedy (Collider)
23-10-23 (03:59)   The First Film David Lynch Ever Made Was About a Group of People Vomiting (Collider)
20-10-23 (00:42)   How David Lynch's Failed 'Twin Peaks' Spinoff Became 'Mulholland Drive' (Collider)
17-10-23 (23:17)   Kyle MacLachlan Remembers 'Twin Peaks' Co-Star Piper Laurie With Touching Tribute (Deadline.com)
17-10-23 (21:03)   Twin Peaks' Kyle MacLachlan Remembers the 'Incredible Force' That Was Piper Laurie (TVLine)
16-10-23 (06:44)   'Carrie' and 'Twin Peaks' actor Piper Laurie passes away, aged 91 (NME.COM)
15-10-23 (19:59)   David Lynch Hates His 'Dune' So Much — And Here's Why (Collider)
15-10-23 (17:15)   Now that I'm finally watching Twin Peaks, Alan Wake makes a lot more sense to me (VG247)
15-10-23 (15:26)   Piper Laurie, Emmy-Winning Twin Peaks & Carrie Star, Dead at 91 (TV Fanatic)
15-10-23 (01:05)   Piper Laurie, Oscar-Nominated Star Of Carrie And Twin Peaks, Dead At 91 (Looper)
15-10-23 (00:33)   Piper Laurie, Oscar-Nominated Star Of Carrie And Twin Peaks, Has Died At 91 (SlashFilm)
15-10-23 (00:11)   Piper Laurie, Oscar-Nominated Actor From Twin Peaks & Stephen King's Carrie, Dies At 91 (Screen Rant)
14-10-23 (23:44)   Piper Laurie, Star of Carrie and Twin Peaks, Dies at 91 (Vulture)
14-10-23 (23:03)   Piper Laurie, 3-Time Oscar Nominee and Twin Peaks Alum, Dead at 91 (TVLine)
14-10-23 (22:51)   Piper Laurie, iconic star of Carrie and Twin Peaks, dead at 91 (JoBlo.com)
14-10-23 (22:18)   Piper Laurie, Actress in 'The Hustler,' 'Carrie' and 'Twin Peaks,' Dies at 91 (Hollywood Reporter)
13-10-23 (20:18)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Puts Positive Spin on Emmys Delay Amid Strike: "My Reign Has Been Supreme" (Hollywood Reporter)
10-10-23 (13:47)   Twin Peaks Ending Explained: What Year Is This? (SlashFilm)
29-09-23 (03:36)   The Entire Twin Peaks Timeline Explained (Looper)
28-09-23 (03:00)   Dune: Could David Lynch Ever Release a Director's Cut of His Disowned Film? (IGN.com)
27-09-23 (16:12)   Alan Wake 2's Sam Lake explains Twin Peaks: The Return's 'bold' influence (Digital Trends)
25-09-23 (22:24)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Remembers Being Told She 'Won't Have Much of a Career' For Speaking on HIV/AIDS Crisis: 'It Was An Ugly Time' (Variety)
25-09-23 (18:42)   A Masterpiece In Disarray Author Breaks Down Detailed Oral History Book Of David Lynch's Dune (Screen Rant)
25-09-23 (02:13)   Return to 'Twin Peaks' in These 1993 Coffee Commercials by David Lynch (Collider)
24-09-23 (18:18)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Recalls Criticism Over Speaking Out During the AIDS Crisis: "People Told Me to Shut Up" (Hollywood Reporter)
19-09-23 (20:08)   Spicy details about the promotional tour for David Lynch's Dune emerge from the sands of Arrakis (JoBlo.com)
18-09-23 (18:56)   Fire Walk With Boimler: Star Trek & Twin Peaks' Secret Connection (Screen Rant)
18-09-23 (18:23)   David Lynch's Original Dune Ending Would Have Been a Lot Weirder (and Better) (Den of Geek)
17-09-23 (05:42)   This Is the Most Unnerving Scene in a David Lynch Movie (Collider)
14-09-23 (14:56)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Evokes Rihanna in Impassioned Speech to Striking Actors (RollingStone.com)
13-09-23 (15:25)   Dune Star Kyle MacLachlan Details One Scene He Kept Messing Up While Filming Lynch Movie (Screen Rant)
13-09-23 (01:47)   Emmy Winner Sheryl Lee Ralph to Receive Inaugural Namesake Trophy at Project Angel Food Awards (Hollywood Reporter)
13-09-23 (01:10)   Sheryl Lee Ralph to be Honored With Project Angel Food's Inaugural Legacy Award at 2023 Angel Awards (Variety)
11-09-23 (21:00)   Kyle MacLachlan Has Trouble Nailing a Scene While Filming 'Dune' in Oral History of Sci-Fi Epic (Exclusive Excerpt) (TheWrap.com)
11-09-23 (15:38)   Remedy's Sam Lake on 'Alan Wake 2,' Video Game Adaptations, and Twin Peaks (Inverse.com)
09-09-23 (21:38)   Gregg Araki Cites the 'Visionary Insanity' of 'Twin Peaks' as His Biggest Filmmaking Inspiration (IndieWire)
08-09-23 (12:43)   My Animal director on making a perfect 2023 horror movie and meditating with David Lynch (Digital Trends)
06-09-23 (20:43)   SAG-AFTRA Picket Lines Draw More Famous Faces Like Richard Gere, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Kevin Bacon (Photos) (TheWrap.com)
04-09-23 (22:42)   David Lynch's Dune Oral History Book Excerpt Chronicles One Actor's Feelings of Losing Paul Atreides Role (Screen Rant)
03-09-23 (15:09)   The 20 Most Bizarre Products We Found on AliExpress (Gizmodo)
31-08-23 (17:18)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Rebrands, Expands The Diva Foundation Nonprofit (Hollywood Reporter)
30-08-23 (04:28)   The David Lynch Film That Even the Stars Don't Know What It's About (Collider)
28-08-23 (01:13)   Stanley Kubrick Made 'The Shining' Cast Watch This David Lynch Movie (Collider)
26-08-23 (19:13)   Every Twin Peaks Movie and TV Show Season, Ranked (Collider)
25-08-23 (23:37)   Dune: Val Kilmer was the number one choice to star in David Lynch's movie (JoBlo.com)
25-08-23 (12:28)   David Lynch's 'Dune' almost cast Val Kilmer, and more secrets from the 'Dune' oral history (Mashable)
23-08-23 (13:13)   USD POLL : Which mysterious element in Twin Peaks intrigued you the most? (Spoiler TV)
23-08-23 (02:09)   David Lynch's Dune Gets Dissected in New Making-Of Book (Gizmodo)
20-08-23 (21:40)   Fan-Made Game Reimagines 'Twin Peaks' with PS1-Style Graphics (Slashdot)
20-08-23 (02:45)   Abbott Elementary's Sheryl Lee Ralph Discusses The Origins Of Barbara's Celebrity Mix-Up Running Gag (Cinemabled)
20-08-23 (00:42)   David Lynch Once Made a Cartoon and It's Weird as Hell (Collider)
18-08-23 (20:04)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Became More Empowered in 'Abbott Elementary' Season Two: "I Know Where My Voice Belongs" (Hollywood Reporter)
18-08-23 (18:41)   Fans are adapting 'Twin Peaks' into a PS1-style adventure game, and there's a demo (Engadget)
18-08-23 (16:55)   Twin Peaks: Into The Night is shaping up to be a fantastic tribute to David Lynch's iconic series (Polygon)
17-08-23 (16:08)   This free, PS1-style Twin Peaks demake absolutely nails the dreamy vibes of the show (PC Gamer)
16-08-23 (20:15)   Twin Peaks Gets PS1 Demake (Game Rant)
16-08-23 (14:00)   Twin Peaks: Into the Night Demo Reimagines Cult Classic TV Series as PS1-Style Game (IGN.com)
15-08-23 (21:11)   Kyle MacLachlan Returns To Dune After 39 Years - But Not In Denis Villeneuve's Movie (Screen Rant)
14-08-23 (05:27)   Metric pay homage to David Lynch in surreal 'Nothing Is Perfect' video (NME.COM)
12-08-23 (22:20)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Doesn't Mind Selling Her Digital Likeness (AceShowbiz.com)
11-08-23 (13:13)   'Twin Peaks: Into The Night' reimagines the classic show as a PS1 game (NME.COM)
10-08-23 (17:29)   Twin Peaks is getting a damn fine-looking fan-made PS1 demake (GamesRadar)
10-08-23 (16:03)   Give yourself a present with this PS1-style Twin Peaks game (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
10-08-23 (13:13)   USD POLL : Which of these TV show reboots do you think failed to live up to the original? (Spoiler TV)
08-08-23 (23:28)   This '60s Neo-Noir Inspired David Lynch, From 'Twin Peaks' to 'Blue Velvet' (Collider)
06-08-23 (06:42)   One of David Lynch's Best Movies Is Also the Most Un-Lynchian Film Possible (Collider)
04-08-23 (00:04)   Jamie Lee Curtis, Sheryl Lee Ralph Help Break Ground for Project Angel Food's New Chuck Lorre Family Foundation Campus (Hollywood Reporter)
29-07-23 (12:22)   Oppenheimer's Practical Explosion Fizzles Against David Lynch's CGI Trinity Test (Looper)
25-07-23 (19:59)   Before 'Oppenheimer,' the 'Twin Peaks' Revival Made Us Fear the Bomb (Collider)
24-07-23 (22:55)   A New Reissue of David Lynch Collaborator Julee Cruise's Debut Album 'Floating Into the Night' Spotlights Their Special Collaboration (Variety)
21-07-23 (16:24)   Twin Peaks Digital Expands Team in Anticipation of Bull Market (BeInCrypto)
16-07-23 (17:28)   When Bob Iger Ruined Season 2 of 'Twin Peaks' (Collider)
12-07-23 (22:04)   Sheryl Lee Ralph on Emmy Nom and Potential SAG-AFTRA Strike: "We're Fighting for Our Art" (Hollywood Reporter)
11-07-23 (18:42)   Christian Petzold on Afire, Subverting the Summer Movie, and Twin Peaks (The Film Stage)
03-07-23 (03:15)   This Forgotten David Lynch Movie Has Big Silent Hill Vibes (Game Rant)
01-07-23 (00:18)   Michael Douglas, John Cusack, Abigail Breslin, Sheryl Lee Ralph Pay Tribute to Alan Arkin: "I Thought He'd Live Forever" (Hollywood Reporter)
25-06-23 (23:41)   How Marvel, Not Just Twin Peaks, Inspired Alan Wake 2 (GameSpot)
23-06-23 (22:41)   How Marvel, Just Not Twin Peaks, Inspired Alan Wake 2 (GameSpot)
17-06-23 (19:33)   'Awards Chatter' Podcast — Sheryl Lee Ralph ('Abbott Elementary') (Hollywood Reporter)
16-06-23 (23:00)   40+ Weird Vintage Video Game Ads We Can't Stop Thinking About (Kotaku)
13-06-23 (21:29)   'Abbott Elementary': Sheryl Lee Ralph, Lisa Ann Walter and Tyler James Williams Share the Secret to Their Chemistry (TheWrap.com)
12-06-23 (15:42)   "It's Been 32 Years": Twin Peaks Season 2's Infamous Finale Celebrated By Star In Sentimental Post (Screen Rant)
11-06-23 (19:45)   Jennifer Garner & Sheryl Lee Ralph Discuss Raising Kids in Hollywood (E! Online)
11-06-23 (19:44)   Dimple Queens Jennifer Garner and Sheryl Lee Ralph Remember Hollywood Beginnings (Vulture)
10-06-23 (17:10)   Jennifer Garner and Sheryl Lee Ralph Bond Over Divorce, Losing Roles for the Wrong Reasons and Rising From 'Grunt Work': 'We Have Each Other' (Variety)
10-06-23 (12:43)   Alan Wake 2 is more True Detective than Twin Peaks (Digital Trends)
09-06-23 (21:28)   Is 'Twin Peaks' Based on a True Story? (Collider)
06-06-23 (19:03)   'Abbott Elementary' Star Sheryl Lee Ralph On The Joy And Satisfaction She Gets From Playing A Teacher: "It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This" (Deadline.com)
03-06-23 (18:28)   'Dune' Review: David Lynch's Adaptation Remains Unique (Collider)
03-06-23 (15:42)   The Weird Connection Between David Lynch and 'The Wizard of Oz' (RollingStone.com)
31-05-23 (17:25)   Unpacking David Lynch's Life-Long Obsession with The Wizard of Oz (The Film Stage)
28-05-23 (06:56)   David Lynch Details Unique Process To Creating Twin Peaks' Iconic Theme Music (Screen Rant)
27-05-23 (00:56)   Twins Peaks Is Secretly Set in the Marvel Universe (According to Marvel) (Screen Rant)
26-05-23 (19:13)   Without Kenneth Anger, We Might Not Have David Lynch or John Waters (Collider)
23-05-23 (21:07)   Michelle Yeoh Recalls 'Emotional' 2002 Cannes Jury Experience with Films Like 'The Pianist' and 'Irréversible' (IndieWire)
16-05-23 (00:18)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Encourages Graduates to Find Their Joy During Rutgers University Commencement Speech: "Key to a Happy Life" (Hollywood Reporter)
15-05-23 (15:13)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Answers Every Question We Have About Sister Act 2 (Vulture)
09-05-23 (14:59)   This Nintendo Classic Was Inspired by 'Twin Peaks' (Collider)
04-05-23 (10:10)   Studiocanal Sets European Release Dates for David Lynch's Re-Mastered Version of 'Inland Empire' (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
01-05-23 (13:13)   USD POLL : Which mystery TV show features the most captivating and enigmatic detective or investigator character? (Spoiler TV)
29-04-23 (03:46)   20 Questions On Deadline Podcast: Sheryl Lee Ralph Talks 'Abbott Elementary' Season 3, Her Secrets To Happiness & Best Life Advice (Deadline.com)
26-04-23 (08:59)   Will This Bizarre David Lynch Script Ever Be a Movie? (Collider)
24-04-23 (20:58)   David Lynch laments death of cinema: "Films are in a bad place" (NME.COM)
23-04-23 (20:03)   TV's 30 Most Memorable Bathroom Scenes From Stranger Things, Fleabag, Veep, Buffy, Twin Peaks, 9-1-1 and More (TVLine)
17-04-23 (19:33)   David Lynch to Take Part in Panel Discussion in Cannes With Donovan, Redman (Exclusive) (Hollywood Reporter)
16-04-23 (22:32)   'Abbott Elementary's Quinta Brunson, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Lisa Ann Walter & Janelle James On Impact Of Their ABC Comedy - Contenders TV (Deadline.com)
16-04-23 (05:18)   Why David Lynch Says He Died Two Times With His Version Of Dune (SlashFilm)
10-04-23 (04:13)   David Lynch praises Quentin Tarantino film: "It's a hell of a good revenge movie" (NME.COM)
07-04-23 (13:25)   New to Streaming: David Lynch, Erotic Thrillers, Making The Virgin Suicides, One Way Passage & More (The Film Stage)
06-04-23 (14:05)   The 7 Best And 7 Worst Things About Twin Peaks (Looper)
05-04-23 (22:11)   "I Will Never Watch It": Original Dune Director David Lynch Gets Blunt About 2021 Remake (Screen Rant)
03-04-23 (16:10)   'Carpool Karaoke' Returns With Episodes Featuring Lea Michele, Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Lee Ralph (Variety)
01-04-23 (01:31)   Lisa Ann Walter Reveals How Sheryl Lee Ralph Inspired Body Positivity (E! Online)
29-03-23 (20:11)   Twin Peaks: MBTI Types Of The Main Characters (Screen Rant)
28-03-23 (05:03)   Judge Joe Brown Denies Speculations He Sexually Assaulted Sheryl Lee Ralph (AceShowbiz.com)
24-03-23 (04:34)   'Abbott Elementary' Star Sheryl Lee Ralph Says She's Sexually Assaulted by 'Famous TV Judge' (AceShowbiz.com)
24-03-23 (01:13)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Alleges a 'Famous TV Judge' Once Sexually Assaulted Her (Vulture)
24-03-23 (00:29)   'Abbott Elementary' Star Sheryl Lee Ralph Says a 'Famous TV Judge' Sexually Assaulted Her (TheWrap.com)
23-03-23 (22:45)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Alleges She Was Sexually Assaulted by TV Judge (TV Insider)
23-03-23 (17:55)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Alleges 'Famous TV Judge' Sexually Assaulted Her: 'Everybody at the Network Saw It' (Variety)
23-03-23 (16:00)   Sheryl Lee Ralph: I was sexually assaulted by a 'famous TV judge' (New York Post)
21-03-23 (16:10)   David Lynch knew how to make moments go viral before 'going viral' was a thing (Polygon)
20-03-23 (20:25)   The Criterion Channel's April Lineup Includes Erotic Thrillers, David Lynch, Eric Rohmer and More (The Film Stage)
17-03-23 (16:11)   Every David Lynch Movie Ranked Worst To Best (Screen Rant)
12-03-23 (21:04)   Casting David Lynch As John Ford In The Fabelmans Wasn't Steven Spielberg's Idea (SlashFilm)
10-03-23 (20:41)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Delivers Stirring Speech at Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon (Variety)
10-03-23 (18:24)   Quinta Brunson, Sheryl Lee Ralph and Lena Waithe Party at Macro's Pre-Oscar Bash (Variety)
10-03-23 (06:04)   Sheryl Lee Ralph, Gina Prince-Bythewood and Others Honored at Essence Black Women in Hollywood Event (Hollywood Reporter)
10-03-23 (02:11)   How David Lynch's Fabelmans Cameo Happened, According To Spielberg (Screen Rant)
09-03-23 (23:18)   Why Riverdale Is The Twin Peaks Of Its Time — No, Seriously (SlashFilm)
08-03-23 (01:41)   Hong Chau, Melanie Lynskey, Sheryl Lee Ralph to Present at Artios Awards - Film News in Brief (Variety)
04-03-23 (04:49)   Tom Sizemore Dead at 61 (TVLine)
28-02-23 (20:41)   Raven-Symoné, Greg Mathis and Tabitha Brown to Be Honored at Truth Awards (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
27-02-23 (22:34)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Styled by Her Own Daughter for 2023 SAGs Red Carpet Look (AceShowbiz.com)
27-02-23 (00:29)   Lisa Ann Walter Says 'Abbott Elementary' Co-Star Sheryl Lee Ralph Helped Her Unlearn Negative Body Image Stigma: 'It's a Disease' (Video) (TheWrap.com)
26-02-23 (16:11)   Dune Proves That David Lynch's Movie Got 1 Thing Exactly Right (Screen Rant)
26-02-23 (12:16)   All the Times Sheryl Lee Ralph Schooled Us With Her Wise Words (E! Online)
24-02-23 (03:15)   What Is Fire Walk With Me About? David Lynch's Twin Peaks Movie, Explained (Game Rant)
21-02-23 (15:10)   Sheryl Lee Ralph, Gina Prince-Bythewood, Danielle Deadwyler, Dominique Thorne and Tara Duncan Named Essence Black Women in Hollywood Honorees (Variety)
21-02-23 (15:04)   Gina Prince-Bythewood, Danielle Deadwyler, Sheryl Lee Ralph Among 2023 Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards Honorees (Hollywood Reporter)
17-02-23 (18:25)   Michael Cera Shares Incredibly Unusual Way He Got Cast In Twin Peaks (Screen Rant)
17-02-23 (16:44)   Michael Cera Got His Twin Peaks Role Thanks to Transcendental Meditation (Vulture)
17-02-23 (09:04)   Michael Cera on Berlin Entry 'The Adults,' 'Barbie,' Meditating With David Lynch and Avoiding the Limelight: "I'm Just a Very Sensitive Person" (Hollywood Reporter)
16-02-23 (04:33)   Damon Lindelof Thinks Lost And Twin Peaks Suffered From Opposite Problems (SlashFilm)
14-02-23 (12:09)   Twin Peaks' Worst Love Triangle Was More Important Than You Think (Den of Geek)
13-02-23 (22:03)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Shrugs Off Lip-Sync Rumor After Super Bowl Performance, Insists It Doesn't Matter (AceShowbiz.com)
13-02-23 (15:31)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Reacts to Lip-Sync Speculation After 2023 Super Bowl (E! Online)
13-02-23 (09:18)   Sheryl Lee Ralph on Stunning Super Bowl Performance, 'Abbott Elementary' and Lip-Sync Chatter: "It Doesn't Matter" (Hollywood Reporter)
13-02-23 (04:18)   Adele, Bradley Cooper, LeBron James, Paul Rudd, Jay-Z, Sheryl Lee Ralph Among Stars at 2023 Super Bowl (Hollywood Reporter)
13-02-23 (02:49)   Super Bowl LVII: Sheryl Lee Ralph Stuns Crowd With Flawless 'Lift Every Voice and Sing' Performance (AceShowbiz.com)
13-02-23 (02:44)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Performs 'Lift Every Voice and Sing' Before Super Bowl LVII (Vulture)
13-02-23 (01:41)   Chris Stapleton's Soulful, Bluesy National Anthem Performance Draws Tears From Players on Field (Variety)
13-02-23 (01:04)   Super Bowl Preshow: Sheryl Lee Ralph Performs "Lift Every Voice and Sing," Chris Stapleton Sings National Anthem (Hollywood Reporter)
13-02-23 (00:59)   Sheryl Lee Ralph soars into 'Lift Every Voice' at Super Bowl (Washington Times)
13-02-23 (00:20)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Performs 'Lift Every Voice and Sing' at Super Bowl — Watch (TVLine)
12-02-23 (20:45)   Man Shot in Chest After Allegedly Tasering Officer at Twin Peaks Restaurant (Breitbart.com)
10-02-23 (22:59)   Who is 'Black national anthem' singer Sheryl Lee Ralph? (Mashable)
06-02-23 (13:56)   David Bowie's Role In Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, Explained (Screen Rant)
04-02-23 (18:11)   Twins Peaks: The Alternate Pilot Explained (Screen Rant)
01-02-23 (16:58)   Hi-Fi Rush has homages to Twin Peaks, JoJo, Scott Pilgrim, and more (GamesRadar)
01-02-23 (11:58)   Is David Lynch in 'The Fabelmans'? (NME.COM)
28-01-23 (18:56)   Everything Everywhere All At Once's Twin Peaks Easter Egg Explained (Screen Rant)
26-01-23 (21:25)   Twin Peaks: Who Killed Laura Palmer Explained (Screen Rant)
24-01-23 (16:49)   Super Bowl Pregame: Find Out Who's Singing the National Anthem and More (TVLine)
24-01-23 (16:03)   Chris Stapleton, Babyface and Sheryl Lee Ralph Topline Super Bowl LVII Pregame Show (Deadline.com)
24-01-23 (16:00)   'Abbott Elementary' Star Sheryl Lee Ralph Will Perform Ahead of Rihanna at Super Bowl (TheWrap.com)
24-01-23 (13:36)   What The Cast Of Twin Peaks Is Doing Now (Looper)
11-01-23 (20:42)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Shades Kardashians For Paying To Have Full Lips (Screen Rant)
11-01-23 (09:03)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Disses Kardashians While Sharing Message for Her 15-Year-Old Self (AceShowbiz.com)
10-01-23 (18:29)   Bob Odenkirk's New AMC Series 'Lucky Hank' Adds Kyle Maclachlan, Oscar Nunez and More - Watch the First Teaser (Video) (TheWrap.com)
06-01-23 (21:11)   Twin Peaks And EEAAO Crossover Caught By Eagle-Eyed Fan (Screen Rant)
21-12-22 (12:43)   Playstation 4, Free Amazon Coins, Far Cry 4, Twin Peaks, Such Humble (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (12:40)   The Complete Twin Peaks, Home Theater Upgrades, and More Deals? (Gizmodo)
16-12-22 (18:58)   The Twin Peaks Song That Was Threatened With a Rachmaninoff Lawsuit (Vulture)
15-12-22 (17:27)   The Composer Who Made Sense of David Lynch (Vulture)
15-12-22 (00:27)   LCD Soundsystem cover 'Twin Peaks' theme in tribute to composer Angelo Badalamenti (NME.COM)
13-12-22 (04:10)   Angelo Badalamenti Remembered: 10 of His Finest Musical Moments, With and Without David Lynch (Variety)
13-12-22 (02:14)   Angelo Badalamenti, Composer on Twin Peaks and David Lynch Collaborator, Dies at 85 (IGN.com)
13-12-22 (00:05)   The Devastating Death Of Twin Peaks Composer Angelo Badalamenti (Looper)
12-12-22 (23:56)   Angelo Badalamenti, 'Twin Peaks' Composer Who Helped Popularize Dream Pop, Dead at 85 (RollingStone.com)
12-12-22 (23:55)   Twin Peaks Composer Angelo Badalamenti Dead At 85 (GameSpot)
12-12-22 (23:33)   Angelo Badalamenti, Composer For Blue Velvet And Twin Peaks, Has Died (SlashFilm)
12-12-22 (23:32)   Angelo Badalamenti Dies: David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks', 'Blue Velvet' Composer Was 85 (Deadline.com)
12-12-22 (23:24)   Angelo Badalamenti, 'Twin Peaks' Composer, Dies at 85 (Variety)
12-12-22 (23:00)   Angelo Badalamenti, Longtime David Lynch Composer of 'Twin Peaks' Theme and More, Dies at 85 (TheWrap.com)
12-12-22 (22:58)   Composer Angelo Badalamenti, who scored 'Twin Peaks', 'Blue Velvet' and more, dead at 85 (NME.COM)
12-12-22 (22:49)   Angelo Badalamenti, Twin Peaks Composer, Dead at 85 (TVLine)
12-12-22 (14:11)   Watch Steven Spielberg Talk to Martin Scorsese About How David Lynch Became John Ford (The Film Stage)
12-12-22 (01:32)   Steven Spielberg Tells Martin Scorsese Why A Very Private Director Made 'The Fabelmans', And How Laura Dern Convinced David Lynch To Play John Ford   (Deadline.com)
05-12-22 (19:03)   'Twin Peaks' Actor Al Strobel Dead at 83 (Newsmax)
05-12-22 (14:14)   'Twin Peaks' star dead at 83: Al Strobel was 'The One-Armed Man' (New York Post)
05-12-22 (01:05)   The Devastating Death Of Twin Peaks' Al Strobel (Looper)
04-12-22 (23:20)   Al Strobel, Twin Peaks Actor, Dead at 83 (TVLine)
04-12-22 (22:46)   Al Strobel Dies: 'Twin Peaks' One-Armed Man Was 83 (Deadline.com)
04-12-22 (21:41)   Al Strobel, 'Twin Peaks' Actor, Dies at 83 (Variety)
04-12-22 (10:27)   Al Strobel, the one armed man in 'Twin Peaks', has died at 83 (NME.COM)
01-12-22 (18:56)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Wanted One Christmas Song. She Made An Album (RollingStone.com)
30-11-22 (20:33)   This Was The Fabelmans Star Gabriel LaBelle's Only Out-Of-Character Interaction With David Lynch (SlashFilm)
28-11-22 (21:42)   David Lynch's Cameo In Spielberg's The Fabelmans Explained (Screen Rant)
28-11-22 (20:04)   David Lynch Thinks Laura Dern's Inland Empire Performance Went Underappreciated (SlashFilm)
24-11-22 (14:13)   The Fabelmans' Brilliant David Lynch Cameo Is All About Perspective (Vulture)
22-11-22 (17:25)   Why Twin Peaks CGI Is Perfect Even When It Isn't Explained By VFX Artists (Screen Rant)
14-11-22 (00:33)   Why David Lynch Chose To Shoot Inland Empire Digitally (SlashFilm)
13-11-22 (01:58)   Abbott Elementary's Sheryl Lee Ralph Wants to Host the Emmys (Vulture)
09-11-22 (17:56)   Tony Kushner on The Fabelmans, His Friendship with Steven Spielberg, and Casting David Lynch (The Film Stage)
04-11-22 (12:00)   'Abbott Elementary' star Sheryl Lee Ralph says Beyoncé sent her flowers after Emmy win (New York Post)
03-11-22 (20:11)   Photos: David Lynch's Big Bongo Night Opens at New York's Pace Gallery (The Film Stage)
02-11-22 (15:55)   The Twin Peaks people are right and now is the time to watch it (Polygon)
28-10-22 (01:10)   Sheryl Lee Ralph to Produce HIV/AIDS Documentary 'Unexpected' (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
24-10-22 (21:27)   'Twin Peaks' cast members reunite for group dinner (NME.COM)
24-10-22 (15:42)   Twin Peaks Star Shares Emotional Reunion Photo With Cast (Screen Rant)
24-10-22 (06:17)   'Twin Peaks' Cast Reunion Has Its Stars 'Feelin' All The Feels' (Deadline.com)
24-10-22 (05:20)   Twin Peaks Cast Members Reunite, 'Feelin' All the Feels' — See Photo (TVLine)
13-10-22 (16:04)   How Inland Empire Tied Together Three Unrelated David Lynch Shorts (SlashFilm)
29-09-22 (23:13)   Kyle MacLachlan says he doesn't "pretend to understand" David Lynch's films (NME.COM)
27-09-22 (20:47)   The Twin Peaks Crew Put A Lot Of Work Into Laura Palmer's Corpse (SlashFilm)
27-09-22 (04:42)   10 David Lynch Trademarks In Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (Screen Rant)
26-09-22 (21:42)   Kyle MacLachlan Reflects On Working With David Lynch On Dune (Screen Rant)
26-09-22 (20:56)   Kyle MacLachlan Interview: Confess, Fletch (Screen Rant)
25-09-22 (21:04)   Lynch/Oz Review: Tracing The Populist Surrealism Of David Lynch And Movie Americana [Fantastic Fest] (SlashFilm)
23-09-22 (02:29)   'Abbott Elementary' Star Sheryl Lee Ralph Remembers Sidney Poitier at 'Sidney' Premiere: 'He Did Not Let Me Down' (TheWrap.com)
20-09-22 (18:31)   How Beyoncé Honored "Original Dreamgirl" Sheryl Lee Ralph's Emmys Win (E! Online)
20-09-22 (15:56)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Gives Jennifer Hudson a Masterclass Lesson in 'Dreamgirls' Choreography (RollingStone.com)
17-09-22 (03:04)   Steven Spielberg Recruited David Lynch To Terrify The Fabelmans Star Gabriel LaBelle (SlashFilm)
16-09-22 (21:41)   Sheryl Lee Ralph on the 'Abbott Elementary' Character She Originally Wanted to Play, and the Director's Note That Led Her to an Emmy (Variety)
16-09-22 (16:24)   Colin Farrell Recalls Friendship With Elizabeth Taylor, Says She Loved 'CSI' and Mark Harmon (Variety)
15-09-22 (17:10)   Quinta Brunson on Winning Emmys With Sheryl Lee Ralph, Why 'Abbott Elementary' Wasn't Ready to Be Named Best Comedy Yet and Changing the Stakes in Season 2 (Variety)
15-09-22 (01:29)   Sheryl Lee Ralph confronted Jimmy Kimmel after his Quinta Brunson Emmys bit (New York Post)
15-09-22 (00:13)   Sheryl Lee Ralph on Jimmy Kimmel's Emmys Bit: 'The Disrespect' (Vulture)
14-09-22 (23:16)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Says Jimmy Kimmel Showed Quinta Brunson "Disrespect" at 2022 Emmys (E! Online)
14-09-22 (21:49)   Abbott Elementary's Sheryl Lee Ralph Dings Jimmy Kimmel for Controversial Emmys Stunt: 'Oh, the Disrespect...' (TVLine)
14-09-22 (21:41)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Addresses Jimmy Kimmel Crashing Quinta Brunson's Emmys Speech: 'Ooh, the Disrespect!' (Variety)
14-09-22 (21:17)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Thought Jimmy Kimmel's Skit At Emmys Was Disrespectful To Quinta Brunson (Deadline.com)
13-09-22 (22:41)   Inside the Emmys Ceremony: Lizzo's Magnetism, Sheryl Lee Ralph's Kids, the Slap Warning and Other Moments You Didn't See on TV (Variety)
13-09-22 (21:13)   Sheryl Lee Ralph shares the important advice Robert De Niro gave her 30 years ago (Mashable)
13-09-22 (18:55)   Emmys 2022: Variety's TV Critics Break Down the Best Speeches, Rushed Jokes and Deserved Winners (Variety)
13-09-22 (18:24)   'Abbott Elementary' Was Most-Tweeted Show During 2022 Emmys, Sheryl Lee Ralph Was No. 1 Cited Nominee on Twitter (Variety)
13-09-22 (16:22)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Initially Wanted To Play A Different Role On Abbott Elementary (Looper)
13-09-22 (15:45)   Sheryl Lee Ralph's Kids Deserve an Emmy for Their Reaction to Her Big Win (E! Online)
13-09-22 (06:43)   Sheryl Lee Ralph sings her 'dream' Emmys speech for 'Abbott Elementary' (New York Post)
13-09-22 (06:10)   How the 2022 Emmys Almost (Almost!) Gave Acceptance Speeches Their Proper Due (Variety)
13-09-22 (05:33)   Sheryl Lee Ralph's Powerful Speech Was Aided By The Emmy's New Thank-You System (SlashFilm)
13-09-22 (05:33)   First Time Emmy Winner Sheryl Lee Ralph Has A Legendary Broadway Background (SlashFilm)
13-09-22 (05:05)   The Inspiring Way Sheryl Lee Ralph Used This New Emmys Procedure (Looper)
13-09-22 (04:59)   Watch Sheryl Lee Ralph's stunning Emmys acceptance speech (and song) (Mashable)
13-09-22 (04:16)   See Jackée Harry's Moving Tribute to Sheryl Lee Ralph's Historic 2022 Emmys Win (E! Online)
13-09-22 (04:13)   Abbott Elementary's Sheryl Lee Ralph Belts Out Her Emmys Acceptance Speech (Vulture)
13-09-22 (03:46)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Sings Her Speech After Winning Supporting Actress Comedy Emmy For 'Abbott Elementary' - Watch (Deadline.com)
13-09-22 (03:31)   Abbott Elementary's Sheryl Lee Ralph's Emmys 2022 Acceptance Speech Is a Must-See (E! Online)
13-09-22 (03:25)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Holds Back Tears, Belts Out Celebratory Tune While Accepting Emmys Win: 'This Is What Believing Looks Like' (RollingStone.com)
13-09-22 (03:24)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Wins Supporting Comedy Actress Emmy for 'Abbott Elementary': 'This Is What Believing Looks Like' (Variety)
13-09-22 (03:14)   Watch Sheryl Lee Ralph Belt Out Dianne Reeves Song to Accept Emmy for 'Abbott Elementary' (Video) (TheWrap.com)
13-09-22 (03:03)   Emmys 2022: Sheryl Lee Ralph Wins Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for Abbott Elementary (TVLine)
13-09-22 (03:00)   Sheryl Lee Ralph Becomes First Black Woman to Win Supporting Actress in Comedy Series in 35 Years (TheWrap.com)
12-09-22 (21:24)   'Abbott Elementary' Star Sheryl Lee Ralph Brings Crowd to Its Feet Singing at Creative Coalition's TV Humanitarian Awards (Variety)
12-09-22 (18:33)   You Can Thank David Lynch's Elephant Man For John Hurt's Hilarious Spaceballs Cameo (SlashFilm)
10-09-22 (16:11)   David Lynch's Forgotten Comic Strip Is a Nightmare Version of Garfield (Screen Rant)
09-09-22 (16:44)   The Queen once watched 'Twin Peaks' instead of Paul McCartney live for her birthday (NME.COM)
08-09-22 (14:44)   Kyle MacLachlan and Anthony Hopkins Have Dueling David Lynch Impressions (Vulture)
08-09-22 (03:51)   Kyle MacLachlan Faced A Major Career Setback After The Failure Of David Lynch's Dune (Looper)
05-09-22 (15:25)   Seinfeld Set To Twin Peaks' Music Feels Like Entirely Different Show (Screen Rant)
30-08-22 (01:45)   Why Sheryl Lee Ralph Hopes Abbott Elementary Is "Just Like Grey's Anatomy" (E! Online)
28-08-22 (22:18)   With Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, David Lynch Dismantled The American Dream Through The Eyes Of Laura Palmer (SlashFilm)

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